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TALKING CIGARS: Cigar Wrappers [ Should I Smoke This ]

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In this brand new episode of Talking Cigars, I take you through most of the common types of cigar wrappers (cigar wrapper leaves) out there – I show you examples on screen, we discuss some of their visual characteristics, some of their flavor characteristics AND I share a few cool facts about each leaf. I also address a couple of highly talked-about topics regarding cigar wrappers based on my experience. Hopefully you’ll come away from this video with some fresh knowledge that will help you better choose awesome cigars to enjoy daily!

If you have any questions of comments, leave them down below, and IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE MORE OF THESE “TALKING CIGARS” VIDEOS, do me a favor and sign up on Patreon (link at the top of this video description). Enjoy!


  1. Good lookin' out, Rob. My cigar IQ shot up 20 points after watching your video. Well done as always, and thank you! Oh, is there anything I can do to increase my chances of winning some cigars from you? Or is your process just random for us Patrons?

  2. Been working a lot lately and catching up with all your videos. This one was awesome.  Great info, thanks and keep up the great work.

  3. Best moment is when you see another one you may have wanted to have smoked but had already lit another. So many to try…

  4. Conn. vs Penn. broadleaf. What is the difference?

  5. Very interesting. I am fairly new to the leaf, but love maduros.

  6. Great vid, i was wrapped.  Got day off work so kicking back chilling, and catching up on fav vid channels. Hope you're keeping warm over there. Thumbs up

  7. Good stuff. One I would mention because it's probably my favorite wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf, very different from the Shade variety.

  8. Don’t forget Colorado wrappers!

  9. Wow, good job Sir…

  10. Excellent and informative as always. Wrappers like cello are much misunderstood and you've given a nice summation of each of the main types. If you're looking for a good example of a rosado, check out the Arturo Fuente Magnum Rosado No. 58.

  11. Excellent job. Wrappers are def a widely misunderstood aspect of cigars. With so many variations it would be near impossible to cover them all. Good choices on the most common. The only other one I would love to hear your opinion on is the San Andreas. It's one of those that has a very unique flavor. I'm a big fan.

  12. Another informative video. Thank you for your videos. They are entertaining, but they are also more informative because of your experiences and the info you pass on. Keep the videos coming!

  13. Nice job, guy. This video was both helpful and useful and I appreciate the work you put into this video. Talking Cigars is a great addition to your lineup.

  14. Great video and informative as usual, really enjoyed it.
    Maduro and Oscuro are not types of tobacco leaf's though! they are darker shades or colors of wrappers.

  15. Really enjoyed this episode, it was very informative

  16. There was a couple that you had mentioned I have yet still to try. The Corojo being one and the Rosado being the other. Thanks for the info Insomniac! keep up the great work.

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