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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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TALKING CIGARS: Cigar Ratings & How I “Rate” Cigars [ Should I Smoke This ]

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In THIS episode of “Talking Cigars,” I discuss cigar ratings and why you’re wasting your time paying attention to them. I also give you the full explanation as to why I rate cigars the way I do in my reviews. Get ready! ..this one is going to shake up how some of you buy your sticks.

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  1. Careful with the firearm in the background. Lord knows Jersey isn’t as free a state as it should be.

  2. Another thing you didn't mention is how much the prices get hiked up after the ratings come out…. crazy

  3. Great episode! One of the main reasons I became a pateon is because of how you handle the reviews. You don't bullshit and you will say anything negative that happens but if it wasn't horrible you'll still say yes. Because it still might match someones pallette. Thanks for another great episode.

  4. Interesting episode. I've noticed and appreciated that you post qualitative (descriptive) reviews as opposed to quantitative (numerical rating) reviews. As you describe flavors, construction, strength, and the like, I often think to myself, "Rob likes that one, but I'm staying far away," or "Rob was lukewarm on that cigar, but it sounds like something I'd dig; I'll give it a shot." Knowing your own palate and finding a knowledgeable person you trust are the keys to wise purchases. Even still, the numerical rating system (e.g. Cigar Aficionado) has some value in putting cigars on my radar. Macanudo Inspirado Orange is a good example; I never would have given it a shot if CA didn't rate it so high. I gave it a shot and rather enjoyed it. Sadly, I can see how easy it would be to pay off influential cigar reviewers and I'm not at all surprised it happens. Thanks for your integrity.

  5. Preach, brother! When I started smoking cigars 25 odd years ago I would hang on every word of CA’s ratings! Now that I’m older I realize that not only are they totally subjective but I’m sure my palate has changed as well. I won’t buy a box without trying at least two of a given cigar first. Case in point – I can’t stand ‘pepper bombs’ but they are everywhere in ratings as a top cigar. Caveat Emptor! Thanks again for your awesome content!

  6. Thank you for reassuring me regarding ratings. When I first started smoking cigars three years ago, I chased ratings. I quickly discovered that highly rated cigars did not necessarily suit my personal taste. I read and heard that many cigar raters thumbed their noses at flavor infused cigars like the Acid line. I stayed away from them, until one day I decided to check one out. I enjoyed the Acid Blondie very much. I mostly buy my cigars online and have settled on a couple of outlets that sell many single cigars. I like variety, but I pretty much know what my taste palette is, so before purchasing, I read about the blends in the cigar. If it seems to fall within my wheelhouse, I will purchase one or two, as long as the price fits my budget. If I don't like them, I move on.

  7. Good choice of cigar for the video. Keep up the good work

  8. Do a top 10 maduro, sun grown, Connecticut, Oscuro…etc…etc…blah blah blah.

  9. I really enjoyed this episode, it was very informative and helpful. I have smoked many cigars over the years that I have been smoking cigars and not used a cigar rating to choose them. I have chosen brands I know or have heard of since I started smoking, while other brands were chosen by the region of manufacture. I have smoked a box of Romeo Y Julieta No.3 from Cuba and enjoyed them very much. I am still smoking these cigars: Perdomo Champagne Epicure; Perdomo Noir Robusto; House Of Capulet Robusto; H.Upmann S.G. Short Churchill which were part of a 16 pack sampler with 4 of each. I am working my way through a box of Alec Bradley Black Market and I will eventually get to the box of The Eagle by Rocky Patel. I have smoked some Olivia cigars, which I enjoyed. I really didn't enjoy Chinchalero cigars which were way too strong for my liking, even though they were supposed to be medium strength cigars.

  10. I agree with everything you said. You and one other person I follow seem to have a similar palate to mine hence why I watch every episode of your cigar reviews and base quite a bit of my initial cigar purchases on your reviews and doing my own research as well. Keep up the good work!

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