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Swisher Sweets – BLK – Cherry Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. I inhale these all the time 

  2. Some of these are in 7-11 depends on which location. But if you wanna
    really get it in, use weed.

  3. I thought he said I wish my cat would smell like this 

  4. These are pipe cigars the tip is the same as a tip on a pipe I love these
    cigars they are amazing

  5. These are my staple. They smell and taste delightful, the smell doesn’t
    linger in the house like cigarettes do and one lasts me awhile. I only
    need 4 a day. We can get a box of 30 here at Murphy USA for $11. They
    usually range out here for 59 cents. I’m used to a very high dose of
    nicotine and have been smoking for over a decade. They are very harsh and
    not for the light smoker. The nicotine level is way higher than Black ‘n
    Milds. You’re right about needing a good fire and they are quite easy to
    get, although, out here, near the house, they’ve sold out because they’re
    so popular. How hard you hit them really depends on what you can tolerate,
    personally. If you’re not used to them then you should probably start
    light. I’ve made the mistake of getting a little carried away and woke up
    the next day with some very sore lungs. I’d say a great buy for what you
    get :)

  6. your not supposed to inhale them because thats like smoking 10 cigarettes

  7. nice vids man and bro I thought I liked the cherry ones but the smooth ones
    are even better im not to big on cigars but these are changing my mind and
    hey how do you blow rings

  8. I smoke a pack and a half of Marlboro Blacks a day, or two 5 packs of
    Swishers, and I inhaled on this entire cigar and I had to lay down
    afterwards lol. These are definitely not for beginners!!!

  9. A good 2second inhale is good

  10. When they first came out, they had the cherry flavor. Now, the cherry
    flavor is not there anymore. To me I think that they went real cheap on
    theses, because they are not the same anymore.

  11. I draw really big puffs and I inhale so we smoke them alittle diffrent

  12. you should really do black n mild cream i really love em

  13. You should never inhale cigars–even cigarillos. I mean, a little smoke
    going in after the exhale is fine but the leaves that they use for cigars,
    that’s some heavy shit.

  14. just got one at the spot for 24 cents lol

  15. he said cab lol

  16. do you know that fsc are in rings around the cig and not one strip down the

  17. How much was this??

  18. I got 60 of these for $20 online

  19. Stumbled upon your channel, loving this videos man, easy sub! Keep em up 😀

  20. A dollar? Those are 59 cents where i get em

  21. Another good review! Are you looking for cigarettes from other countries?
    Maybe I could get some Swedish stuff and send you? Maybe a pack of
    Marlboro’s so you can try the difference?

  22. I like the cigar reviews too. Keep it up bro

  23. Those are my favorite cigars

  24. i love them but i prefer smooth(orange logo)

  25. lol, thanks

  26. Whats the name of the thing that touch your mouth? The plastic thing thanks

  27. Love these cigars. They are only 49 cents here where i live.

  28. That would be a cigarillo.

  29. Oh wow, I had no Idea, thanks. Makes sense now that you say that though!
    And yeah I will probably be doing a few more cigar reviews. They are way
    cheaper and I don’t have to buy a whole bunch just for a review. So stay
    tuned, I plan on doing all kinds of smoke stuff! Thanks

  30. What I meant was I got my ass kicked by it and wanted to die, but I have a
    bond with it, so to speak. I enjoyed the review good sir, and must say the
    regular-flavor BLK aftertaste is a lot like hardcore rustic coffee. Hardly
    anything sweet in my opinion except for smell.

  31. I have been wanting to do one on Camel wides, so maybe I can get some
    lights while I am at it! Thanks

  32. Singles of these where I live are 59 cents.

  33. Hey, buy a cherry cigar and actually just stick it in your air vent
    somehow. Tell us how it goes!

  34. Right on! thanks

  35. smoke a cigar slow. your drag should be very light. their not cigs. sit
    back and enjoy the smoke don’t kill it like you were in this video.

  36. i picked up 4 of the BLK smooth for $2.39

  37. Take your time. Most people smoke cigars to relax and enjoy the taste!
    Really enjoy the cigar reviews!

  38. I might just do that, I have smoked them before and yeah they are decent

  39. Thanks!

  40. what is your favorite black and mild cigar?

  41. Ok I see you have already done a Review on these thats actually Pipe
    tobacco WOW $1.09 for a single I only payed $1.29 for a 3 pack but I’m only
    a hour away from the Swisher Sweets plant so that might be one reason.If
    you like the Cherry try the Swisher Sweets Little Cigars they are just like
    a Cigarette but taste like a Cigar with a great cherry taste & strong
    cherry smell LOL just got to thinkin bout what me & one of my smokin buddys
    do 1 of us will fire up a cigar & text eachother “MMM Cegar”

  42. I will see what I can do to find them! Thanks for watching!

  43. no problem, and maybe you could mention the draw in an up coming video,
    because i am sure that a lot of people don’t know either.

  44. these are the ones i smoke lol

  45. it;s a cigarillo, so it’s not a full size cigar.

  46. Could you try out the Marlboro mediums? Heard they were pretty good

  47. Hello my friend! Why don’t you give one of the regular flavor (yellow)
    BLK’s a shot for us? I personally think they are much better than the
    cherry ones. Great reviews!

  48. Swisher tobacco is generally crap. They are most popular to be emptied out
    and filled with weed. The BLKs are made for smoking and are aimed at the
    Black & Mild market. They make two flavors of BLK that I have seen, and the
    cherry is the better of the two. I don’t think you are supposed to inhale
    these cigarillos but I do a little. B&M has a summer blend out right now
    that you should look out for. I like all the Black & Milds with wood tips
    and the summer blend is a good one with it.

  49. love the vids keep em comin and try to do as much reviews as you can… u
    make the best reviews

  50. Cool, Thanks

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