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Swisher Sweet Cigar Review Pt.1

Posted by in Cigar Review

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4X48 petite corona, long filelr tobacco and hand made in Nestor Plasencia’s factory in Honduras. Infused with sweetness that I didn’t know about unfortunatel…

StogieBoys Premium Cigars


  1. The profile says it all Einstein: notes of sweet tobacco, sweet cedar, and

  2. Not infused TONTO.

  3. But now that you got on all fours for the SS, try doing it for Drew Estate.
    Some of those will blow your mind KID.

  4. Yeah no shit!!

  5. It’s not infused, it just has a sweetened cap. 

  6. O and please calling them infused!!! You are smoking a non infused you
    idiot and you can’t tell the difference. TONTO

  7. Thanks for the review.

  8. Thanks hit me up with any requests.

  9. Hey guys, go to– Cigar International . com and they will sell you Swisher
    Premium, 2 boxes of 20 cigars for $39.99 shipping is around $7 for 7-10 day.

  10. Nice review.

  11. Stop smoking. Start brushing your black ass teeth.

  12. looks pretty good, ive never seen a swisher sweet premium cigar lol looks
    aight tho

  13. Yeah I was excited to see if it was good since its Swisher Sweet but I was

  14. Thats why its called a Swisher sweet you dumbass

  15. No prob

  16. Nope, doesn’t come punched

  17. Good review. I am surprised at how quickly it is smoking. A cigar that size
    I would expect about a 45 minute. Thanks for the review.

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