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Swicthblade Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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This is my switchblade lighter. It is an OTF switchblade and a lighter all in one. I got mine online for 11.99 free sshipping and handleing. but you can get …

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  1. @cvo1997 Stiletto doesn’t need to be swinging out from the side of the
    handle, some of the stiletto pops out from the front.. But most common
    stilettos are the one being swing out from the side of the grip.

  2. so cool

  3. thats actully a stletto

  4. this is such a poor quality knife… trust me… i bought one probably a
    year ago, and its pretty much fallen apart… the screws no longer have
    thread, the piezoelectric igniter for the lighter broke… lucky me it was
    only $5

  5. those kinds of switch blades are illegal

  6. @hotdogman199 Goddammit you people. An automatic/switchblade is a knife
    that can be opened without touching the blade. Spring assisted knives are
    just that, you begin opening it like normal and a spring takes over.

  7. Holly shit i have one exactley like that.

  8. can u shave with it

  9. lol i have that same exact knife

  10. @EGGROLLSUSHI no shit retard. OTF is out the front. so your comment was
    very un nessisary

  11. you got gipped i got mine at china town L.A. for 5 bucks no tax or anything

  12. das a gravity knife yo

  13. i have that exzact same knife

  14. @andrew101678 i never sed i did any of those i just sed that those are some
    funny uses for it lol

  15. just get a spring assisted stiletto!!! thats what im getting and there alot
    like a switchblade and its legal in all 50 states to carry & its legal in
    canda also!!!

  16. @Jimmy593 well it is a bit hard to tell without fecal expressions

  17. its not a stiletto its a OTF knife

  18. @DiesesedCow then you would be a dumb ass for pressing the switch..

  19. @nightninja1335 no it is not it is a stelleto because instead of the blade
    swining around it just shoots up

  20. @m16junkie i actually laughed out loud when i read that

  21. @DiesesedCow youl cut yur cigarette in half hahah

  22. actually it is a awitch blade it is caled a bloody mary switch blade and it
    is also called a otf knife it is just a preference witch you want to call it

  23. i had one like that i picked it up at a gas station. watch out the blade
    will fly out after a while it hit my wall thank god it was dull.

  24. i was gunnna buy this but its illigal in canada

  25. fuuuck i had one same as this.. everything was the same but my spring broke
    so im in search of one and bro if you have a switchblade like this replace
    the original spring with a steel one if you have it trust me it will break
    in a month

  26. @kkitchens20 to carry

  27. @Jimmy593 i wasn’t being sarcastic you fucking retarded i am more of a
    knife, lighter and gun person than anybody writing comments on this vid !

  28. Your telling me that the gas resevoir is not limitless? What a piece of

  29. pos

  30. dude how mutvh you want for that lolz mssg me XD

  31. @vantwick95 just like you did cuz i bout a case of 12 for $25 on ebay with
    free shipping , and i sell them just fine for $10 each since a truck stop
    by me sells similar ones for 14.99 plus tax, the guy who sold me each case
    also made a profit off of me and the company who made them that he bought
    them from also paid less to make them then they charged , its not a “rip
    off” its how sales work , im sure someone ive sold to has sold one for more

  32. @DiesesedCow when it comes out its not that strong. it would probably cut
    you a tiny bit but it would be just like if u were to put ur hand on a push

  33. can’t i buy one ^)_(^

  34. @m16junkie u must have issues to say that and u must not have a life to be
    with “ho’s” and smoke weed

  35. @ros6666 the blade wont shoot through a piece of paper on purpose, thats a
    feature ont he knife that prevents the knife from slicing through you or
    your pocket.

  36. @vantwick95 I got mine for 7 at a store in the mall. I was disappointed cas
    the blade was dull and loose but I guess you could expect that for the
    price lol.

  37. @DiesesedCow what if you lighting a knife and the cigarette pops out?

  38. @cvo1997 no its not a stiletto is the kind of switch blade that the
    godfather has that it and out the front auotomatic knife completly
    different kind of switch blade

  39. @DiesesedCow nothing, the knife would just point straight up. it’s not like
    you point the lighter at your face when you light a cigarette… use your

  40. @Jimmy593 Yeah, what a dumbass haha

  41. isnt that illegal, just wondering

  42. my neighbor got the same thing but it is crappy because its not powerful
    enough to even go through a piece of paper i think they are legal too
    because they are under 4 inches but idk

  43. @loatza2311 can get one at UniqueBlade online, for only 8 bucks

  44. that looks nothing like a switchblade

  45. good way to quit smoking…

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