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Sweet Jane Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Sweet Jane, part of the Deadwood Tobacco line from Drew Estate – review and special promo from
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  1. The walmart at Drew estate and the band on this cigar remind me of you Delicia great review.

  2. Awesome! Delicia Thanks a lot hugs.

  3. My fiance and I loved the Sweet Jane and a few weeks ago, we smoked the Type A. What a long cigar!

  4. Jou ever tasting cigar from
    holland ?

  5. Great review, can’t wait to try one.

  6. My wife enjoys Sweet Jane. I am a "Fat Bottom Betty" gyy!

  7. I was waiting for the Vixen to do this review, been wanting to try it.

  8. Im wondering if you can do a recomdation for a cigar that taste good and doesnt take a long time to smoke. Like a cigar that u can have and smoke after a celeberation like after leaving a weadding or bachelors party etc . this coming from someone who knows notthing bout cigars thanks

  9. Great video,can I travel with you lol😁

  10. Aw I should have watched your review before buying a box. That code would have been great to use.

  11. cigarvixen is this sweet jane somewhat similar to the drew estate english? i was never a fan of sweet cigars but that english aroma is freaking addicting

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