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Stuggy – All Vines Compilation 2017 Updated

Posted by in StogieChat Members

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Bye vine you were my first place to be silly ❤️❤️
I’m an adult but I still like doing this when there’s an echo
‘Dinner ready hatch’ 2
How I imagine they captured this sound from ‘big nastie’
Nature af
‘Dinner ready hatch’
6 sec drake cover
Organ donor
A wild one
Sat nav in dash
Do you?? Hahahaha
FaceTime with your mum like…
Hovering (woman v men)
Plant feeder
Beach ball prank!! (That laugh though!!) w/Huw Samuel, Joe Charman & Hooch #outrageouslyrefreshing #ad
The pugs have spoken
They don’t teach kids how fun stapling can be
Holy water really?? Watch #preacher on Amazon Video UK now! #ad
Final destination…
People say my hair looks like Jon snow… But if I was….
I’m so saucy
Cracked screen
Every animal lover ever
I’m done
Tom hardy- legend
This dragonfly giving my shit
Me and Daz_Black crashed the set of #EddieTheEagle but we are movie stars….
2016 conception
If I did condom adverts…
I challenged Luke Rockhold to #FinishTheFight… big mistake! Think I’ll stick to playing @EASPORTSUFC 2
Tit uses… Ashton&Stuggy
When your hard as fuck…. But then your jam comes on…. Inspired by Daz_Black
Work Hard, Play Hard
Knife selling these days….
English thoughts….
Had to really…
Beanbags ftw
I waited till the guy was smashed to challenge him to a face off….. W/Matt King
How british people walk down the street vs how Americans do… W Robby Ayala
Placid Arthur to the rescue… Ashton&Stuggy
Best joke ever
A devilish deal… Amazon Video UK Students get a 6 month trial! #ad
British kitchen….
Shit chat up lines
Extreme fan girls
Bet you thought it went straight in 😂 #NBALondon16 NBA UK
How Brits react when they get rejected… (dougie stew) #NBALondon16
Swimming lessons
Everytime I go in a loft…… (Jack Harrison)
Long forgotten…. W/Jack Harrison
I hate people who reply like this
‘Christmas time’
Mum walking in on son doing some weird shit
How to smoke…. #InStyle w/Alfie Boi
Discussing 👊💦 w/ Jack Harrison
OTT cat put downer… W/Jack Harrison
Choice words…..
Hide and seek level….. Bird (w/Jack Harrison
Saying you farted in 1894 vs 2015 w/Jack Harrison
How I got my hair….
Deciding who makes the next one gets real intense…. W/Jack Harrison
Nothing to worry about w/ Jack Harrison
Insomnia… Music: Paradigm by Leslie Wai
Lightsabers have a million and one uses….. W/ Jack Harrison
Me at every restaurant
‘Another great reason’
‘My names Clarence, and I do magic’
When you hear your workout tune…… JMB
F*ck Off
Special effects in songs change me…..
Safety first
Only way to sing this song…..
Me buying a house…
How to get more room on the sofa…..
‘Great reason’ wAdam Hussey
‘Ruggers’ w/Huw Samuel, WORLD RUGBY #RWC2015
Rugby Extreme w/Huw Samuel, WORLD RUGBY #RWC2015
How every English person sings this song…
Limerick 😂😂
I like bears
I woke up to my dog having the inability to bark…..
When I need to speak a foreign language…..
Guy who says hi to cats weird (his face😂😂😂)
‘Get Ugly’
When toilet pranks go wrong
Chauvinistic friend gives advice….
‘Tragedy’ 2015 edition
‘Yeah’ constipated edition
‘Margin Gaye and get it on’ dirty fun edition
‘These boots’ park edition
‘Cafetière’ 2
‘Milkshake’ obviously best flavour edition
I asked yasmin zbari to give my brother a makeover…..
Fashion show replacement?
If you get one of my new tones on iTunes make sure you have it on silent when your near anyone haha
When you didn’t realise the other part of you was doing a vine….
No Scrubs ‘Cock Block Edition’
The inappropriate driving instructor
Cheerleader ‘Wife Edition’
Too predictable?
It’s so big w/Huw Samuel
‘Outside….. you smell like shit’ edition
Great ads McDonald’s……
The woods really are surprising… W/ Nick Nevern & JMB
When u feeling John snow af then you see your crush…..
Kev…. Is a killer
Some personal trainers don’t know when to quit…. WHuw Samuel #dropandgiveme20
The first time I ever saw a pug…. W/ PuggyBear
How you feel before and after Wimbledon, w/Leslie Wai, Daz_Black & Huw Samuel
Do it for the vine at Wimbledon w/Huw Samuel
Being THAT guy at Wimbledon
There’s not enough music in the queue at Wimbledon
When you wish you were at Wimbledon w/ Daz_Black
I cracked my tooth and got it fixed today but it’s well fragile… WLeslie Wai, Huw Samuel, Daz_Black
Real estate…. #prettyprincess
How English people whip….. W/JMB
Totally #nailedit
Talk Irish to me….. WJMB
How I slide into some1s dms….. (Fail)


  1. Somebody! Help me!

    And maybe help his cats as well. He shouted in their ears a lot.

    (Nvm. I'm dead from laughter…bleeehhhh!)

  2. i wanted shoot art like a western lmao wow

  3. Check out his twin brother Beardyman! He's just as bonkers! Ha ha!

  4. Stuggy reminds me so much of Rydoon

  5. Where did you get Danny the pug from he is so adorable 😍😍😘😘

  6. When you find out he and Daz Black are friends

  7. He's actually sooo fkin beautiful. Christ😔

  8. What is c + 17
    C is 7

    Edit u have time add them

  9. What does Kev always say? “Test goals” “Go Tesco’s”

  10. Does anyone think he sounds like billy from billy and mandy at 1:03

  11. He reminds me both of Captain Hook and jack Whitehall

  12. He is a vampire ahhhhhh

  13. Yeah but he looks so much better with short hair though. He looks almost exactly like my brother! Like it scared me the first time I saw him because of the resemblance.


  15. never using a hand dryer again lol

  16. 17:08 got me laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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