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Storing your pipe tobacco properly

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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  1. I just use a plastic tub that I got from a dishwasher container, you know
    the ones that store those little packets of dishwasher soap. It is large
    enough to store my everyday pipe tobacco and makes it easy to fill the
    pipe. Dont know it seems to work and keeps the tobacco at the right
    moisture for me.. Other tobaccos I use a jar

  2. I have a packet of very very old Balkan Sobranie – over 25 years! How can
    I recover it for smoking, or is baccy that old a definite no no?

  3. Eric, Thanks again for more useful tips! I’m just starting to cellar my
    favorite tobaccos and I can readily see all the obvious advantages of using
    not only those types of jars, but the wisdom of using the smaller
    ones…well, I think is even a better way to preserve for the sake of not
    interrupting the aging process as well as enabling us to break open jars
    with just the right amount stored! You rock, Eric! From Dan in Panama City!

  4. I’ve been a pipe smoker for 7 years now and I would like to know which name
    brand tobacco are good to smoke. I would also like to know which blends
    have that earthy flavor too. Thanks.

  5. I think maybe I met you today. How strange.

  6. Hi

  7. well you asked how some of us store our tobacco, well to be honest im still
    kind of new at this, so i can find out so much as i go along, but mostly i
    just keep my tobacco in the bag, cos i get the big bag, now there is two
    good things about this tobacco, one the big bags reseal like zip-lock bags
    so im not worried about that, and two they also come im small travel size
    bags that are also resealable(by the way sorry about my bad spelling
    everyone), so when id get done with the small bag id keep it for the bigger
    bag, and that would work till i had to get a new small bag, which wasn’t
    very cost effective, so i switched to a tobacco pouch, its vinyl with a
    latex liner, but instead of a resealable zip-lock it has a zipper, now idk
    if this will work better, but i hope it does, how ever if i could id use
    those bags again, but aside from that i put the big bag in the crisper of
    my fridge to keep the rest fresh, and so far, its been working, though if
    you have any tips(that aren’t in the video), Ive love to hear them

  8. I hit the pipe slope hard back in 09′, bought alot of tins, still alot in
    the cellar * alot of cigar discipline has showed me the ways of properly
    stored/aged tobacco. ANYWAYS
    -I also have multiple tins opened that I kept in airtight jars such as you
    showed sense… so they are going on 5 years old. All but a few english
    blends have moisture still, Honestly still very moist like coming out of
    the tin, so alot of air drying would be needed, Plus the said english
    blends still smoke great.

    Just got back into enjoying my pipes and my collection of tobacco, would
    you think there is any flavor/quality loss? The only blend I notice any
    real change is my navy flake, which has lost all of its aromatics but the
    others still top notch. * or so I think*
    -thanks alot

  9. Great to see you again Eric. You were one of the first presenters i watched
    on YT.

  10. Until now i have used plastic zip lock bags from the grocery store

  11. I would error on the side of caution and bring it inside rather than leave
    it where temperatures may drop below freezing. I would be as concerned for
    the health of the containers as much as the tobacco.

  12. Thanks for the vids mate very helpful you have helped me as a new pipe
    smoker big thanks from Australia mate

  13. I use these. They ROCK. – (google tightvac . com) Look for the 3 oz.
    version. I love them!

  14. Thank you sir! I jar just about Wish I could get my hands
    on some of those little jars you are using for your tins.. those look cool.

  15. Where do you get those mini mason jars i cant find them anywhere

  16. This is exactly what I do. I put mine in Mason jars as SOON as I open it. I
    use a laser label gun to put all of the pertinent info on the jars. Thanks!
    Blessings, David

  17. I be watching you soon!!

  18. you can order all different size jars through acehardware online

  19. I use mason jars to and freezer bags zip lock type and add destilled water
    once in while like you do for cigars,works well.

  20. I use a Snapware airtight container, currently. You can also find similar
    containers under the name Lock & Lock. They are plastic and have a gasket
    around the inside of the lid that feels like some kind of squishy rubber or
    silicone, and 4 snaps around the edges that lock the lid down. It also
    seems to be a very high-quality plastic that doesn’t have any strange
    tastes or smells.

  21. Thanks kindly. I appreciate the warm welcome.

  22. I do something similar. I have 4 mason jars that hold roughly 6 ounces of
    tobacco each where I keep my go-to bulk tobacco’s (Boswell’s blends at this
    point in time). I also have 2 very large jars where I keep my opened
    pouches and tins of tobacco. I keep them in the tins and pouches they were
    purchased in and I find that there’s no flavor cross-contamination when
    smoking. There may be some mixing of smells, but that disappears in a
    minute or two. When I need to I will use Ziploc freezer bags too

  23. Good to see you’re back, Eric!

  24. Hey thanks for all the great info! Welcome back! Your videos are what got
    me started on pipe smoking.

  25. Keep an eye on the Tamp and Puff forums for that too. Something along those
    lines is developing.

  26. They shouldn’t be too hard to find. I get mine at Wal-Mart in the section
    where they sell canning stuff. If you can’t find them locally you might
    even be able to find them online if the shipping price doesn’t kill it for

  27. hey eric. these videos are really great. i have a quick question for you if
    you have time i’m looking to buy my first pipe but i’m not really sure
    where to take the plunge. is it better to get a couple $200 pipes and see
    which one you prefer or just to go for a more expensive pipe? how can i
    know that i won’t get unlucky with a foul tasting pipe? as far as curved or
    straight, what are the differences? cheers mate

  28. for a tobacco you smoke regularly, say a 50gram tim smoked every 2days.
    would you recommend storing it in the very small mason jars?

  29. Is there a tobacco beetle concern with pipe tobacco like there is with
    cigars or no?

  30. good to see you again.. I wonder how you re hydrate your tobacco? Phillip

  31. Thank you – much appreciated.

  32. Love your video’s, I am a new pipe smoker, and need all the help I can
    get….would like to craft my own pipe soon, too. Thanks for your great

  33. For Mason jars, you can get white plastic tops. DO NOT USE THEM. They will
    fail you. Use the metal tops that come with the jars. Don’t ask how I
    learned this.

  34. What a great surprise to see you again. I have a pumpkin size smile on my

  35. No, I didn’t vanish, I’ve just been slacking. Hoping to fix that.

  36. Good to see your back Eric. A tip for the live streaming. If you plan to do
    it regularly please set up a schedule if you can. That way we will know
    ahead of time when the live streams are taking place.

  37. I store my baccie in mason jars as well…I try to only fill the jar half
    way as air is needed for proper aging. I make sure I keep my jars away from
    direct light in a dark area. Thats about it.

  38. Where I live, the dewpoint can be in the 70 degree range. Keeping things
    moist isn’t a problem. Things do go stale, now.

  39. Good to see you Eric,and i do the same.All my baccy i put into jam jars.

  40. Great to see you back… you’re also one of the first presenters I watched

  41. I’m glad you’re back. I’m now a pipe smoker since November 2011. I was a
    former cigarette smoker. Quitted the cigs completely, but I wouldn’t have
    been capable of doing so without your great 101 videos that told me how to
    properly smoke a pipe.

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