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Stocking the Humidor

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Just sharing a box opening from Cigar Bid. As always I scored some great deals, and stocked the humidor. Thanks for watching.

StogieBoys Premium Cigars


  1. Nice haul my friend lot of good Choochoin to be had

  2. Looks like you got some good sticks for sure and I'm a sucker for a good deal. I'll definitely have to check that sight out. Enjoy your haul and Keep that Smoke Rollin

  3. How full should you keep your humidor, % wise? Thanks in advance!

  4. Nice, Holts has AB sampler on right now 10 Toros for 30$. I may have to scoop up a 10 pack

  5. Nice haul, brother. Way to work the Bid!

  6. Nice Haul. I am definitely NOT a Gurkha fan. I have the same problem with them. Diesel are an Amazing Smoke. Enjoy my Friend. Hope you are well. Keep it Lit.

  7. Holy shit what a deal!!!! Nice work brotha…Enjoy🤙 ~Jaime

  8. Haha at first, I seriously thought you had too much coffee or something (lighting your cigar) but then I was like oohhhhhhh. Lol. Nice haul brotha!

  9. incredible prices there. Well done

  10. Man I need to restock on sticks soon, I'm down to my last Ave Maria. I've been enjoying the pipe smoking so much I've let my sticks dwindle. That's a great haul man at amazing prices! Have great rest of the week and Godspeed

  11. Nice cigar haul there matey, you can double that price in the UK maybe even triple it very expensive in the UK for cigars that's why cigar smokers in the UK buy off shore and import them, but I don't know how they fair now with the TPD Tobacco Products Directive take care and have a good one mate.

  12. Should try the Drew Estates Java Mint

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