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State of the Humidor | Resolution (3 of 3)

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Buy The Boveda Smart Sensor:

Watch tech come to cigars. What’s the latest gadget for cigar aficionados and cigar novices? A new Boveda innovation! Stop unwittingly damaging your cigar collection. The Boveda Smart Sensor lets you see what’s going on inside your humidor without having to open the lid. Just calibrate your Boveda Smart Sensor with Boveda’s One-Step Calibration Kit that is included when you choose the Boveda Smart Sensor Starter Kit. Then sync up your smart sensor to the Boveda app for ongoing, hassle-free humidor maintenance right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

A hot gift for tech-loving cigar collectors.

Pitch that old cigar hygrometer for the multi-tasking Boveda Smart Sensor. Calibrate and set up in a day. Customize temperature and humidity ranges for your humidor. Receive alerts if readings veer outside your preferred settings. Catch damaging conditions that could affect your cigar collection through real-time temperature, humidity and impact data. Act on your humidor’s temperature, humidity and impact history to make changes to your cigar storage. Never run out of Boveda again! Right from the Boveda app, set up auto reorder for Boveda 2-way humidity control.


  1. Do not buy this product, unless you want to be sorely disappointed. This device links to your phone via bluetooth, which means you have to be within 30 feet of your humidor to get a reading. Other smart devices connect using a wifi signal, and allow you to access your reading from anywhere. Additionally, the app doesn't allow you to manually refresh, so here's how it goes: you get home, you turn on your phone's bluetooth, you get to within 30 feet of your humidor, open the app and then wait until it decides to update. Shame on you Boveda! The only thing this device does well is remind you to buy more Boveda packs! Waste-of-Money!

  2. The most important question is; What's the price for such a smart item?

  3. Can the sensor be calibrated by the user? Otherwise how accurate is it?

  4. Hey one last question.

    Do I leave the wooden trays in my new humidor while I season with the boveda 84s? Or take em out before the 2 week season process??

  5. Hey I use your product & love it! My question is do you have a pack for seed storage? Cheers 👊👽

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