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Solani Silver Flake Blend 660 Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Solani Silver Flake Blend 660
One of the best Virginia Blends to ever be released EVER!


  1. 2 days and its already out of stock everywhere! Damn you smokingpipeliner reviews!

  2. Solani is classic or . . . well, bad. This one and 656 Burley Flake are CLASSICS!

  3. I would love to get a tour of your cellar one day…

  4. Great review Liner. Thanks a lot.

  5. Two things.
    1) It is fantastic.
    2) Way too many people already know it's fantastic.

  6. Tade,
    Sounds pretty. Good. Always good to see you my friend. Keep em burning.

  7. So many Pipeliner reviews! Truly a Christmas miracle!
    Sounds tasty. Will add to my wish list! Thanks!!!

  8. Are you sure that's tobacco in that pipe?

  9. Are you going to make a review of sutliff 515 RC-1?😀

  10. Just love your reviews. Silver Flake is one of my top VA/KEN blends too. Take care, Janez

  11. I understand You, yes this is truly a delightful blend, versatile, tasteful,´and satisfying high-quality blend, not too weak nor too strong,nice Virginias spiced up with refined Kentucky Dark fired burleys,though a bit pricey as all Solanis offerings do,Thank You for Your short review, Paul

  12. I'm going for it based on your omnipotent scientific pipe smoking pipliner review.

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