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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. dude, your video would be great but cut the bs, and get to the point next
    time please bro.. you wasted almost 6 mins for a 1 min long video.. upset
    with all the pointless time.

  2. How bout instead of cutting your cigar you cut your nails

  3. u dumb idiot it took you over 2 mins of babbling your mouth before you even
    started the demo.. your a jackass and I wanted to just fall asleep during
    your whole video.. what a waste of internet time and storage space on their
    server!!! Please delete it so others don’t see how lame you are. Your
    method sucks anyways.. probably the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire life

  4. I followed your steps and I’m quite amazed on how good it works!

  5. Lold at the butthurt guy bellow me. Thanks for the vid bro.

  6. Thanks man i was about to get a knife and slice it jaja

  7. great video man, thanks alot!

  8. I agree that one way is to use the puncher but in my experience the puncher
    makes the draw harder so its not my fav

  9. Thank you so much!

  10. Hi bro, nice to see a fellow singaporean doing a cigar how to video

    anyways, where do you buy your cigars?, the ones i smoke are the cheap 6 or
    7 bucks kedai mama cigars.

    What are the best mild to medium cigars are there in the local singapore

    Hope to hear from you soon


  11. Why would they take your cigar cutter but not take away your scissors?

  12. Have you tried a cross cut? It’s a similar idea as those shuriken cutters.
    I would cut a X or cross on the top the cap and shoulder depending on the

  13. They take away your cigar cutter but they let you walk in with those

  14. Any particular reason why you dont use a cigar punch? Do they take those
    away to?

  15. Thanks for the help

  16. Super helpful video

  17. Welcome to the cigar & pipe community! Wow, that cutting job definitely
    takes some skill. Well done! Another option is a cigar punch. I have one on
    my keychain and it is very innocuous. Peace, Eric

  18. Thanks bro! You’re a badass.

  19. Thanks brother. Keep smoking. Thanks for watching.

  20. Great tip. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  21. Make more vids man. You’re one badass mofo.

  22. Thanks for watching. A cigar punch is a usefull thing to have.

  23. You’re welcome mate. Keep smoking.

  24. You’re welcome. Thanks for watching. Keep smoking.

  25. hey that looks like it works pretty well. ok for me always just bite the
    end because I chew cigars

  26. Biting is way cooler. Just like Hannibal in the A-Team.

  27. Nice method I have had my cigar cutter taken away at the airport as
    well….-_- this could have helped a lot thank yiu for the great information

  28. Thanks.I will.

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