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Smoking with Cigar Beetles

Posted by in Cigar Review

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. Is the only way to avoid "birthing" the larvae to keep below 75/75? Do manufacturers do anything to prevent them in the first place? Hopefully no pesticides. Thanks!

  2. U could always take some rolling papers rip a bit off lick it and stick it over the holes

  3. All cigars have larvae in them?! Life was so much simpler before I watched the first 58 seconds of this video…

  4. Damn it Bradley I didn't need to know cigars have beetle larvae! Lol!

    You should do another video on smoking songs! Roll Me Up by Willie Nelson is good; For What It's Worth by Tab Benoit is my favorite song for smoking!

  5. Does this happen with back woods too?

  6. I'm not a cigar smoker. And don't normally use any type of cigar just to roll some bud in. But man, this is one of my favorite pages on YouTube. I love watching your videos, they are so informative. And you have great energy I love it

  7. What kind of lighter is that

  8. I wonder what the Beetles are more scared of, the Fire on one End, or Bradleys Spit on the other, LOL.

  9. For all of you who are interested: That Knife is a CRKT Carson M16-14SFG. I automatically assumed it belonged to Bradley (SEXIST! I KNOW.). Dana is such a Baller! You stab that Spider in that Corner, Girl!

  10. The humidity is regulated by the humidor all right. But what can you do about the temperature? I live in a flat in a warm climate country and during the summer we get like, CRAZY heat! What can I do to keep my cigars cool? Put the entire humidor in the fridge?

  11. Bradley, Dana. I have a little bit of a story for you.

    Since my 16th birthday, me and my grandfather had one cigar a month and what the cigar was was whatever my papaw (thats what i called him haha) had in his humidor at the time. Recently i turned 21 (which happens to be the legal smoking age in my state) and then even more recently, my grandfather passed away at the ripe old age of 83. This upcoming saturday would have been our monthly “cigar day” and in memory and celebration of my papaw, im going to buy my first legal cigar and smoke it just like me and him would.

    Could you be so kind as to give me 2 reccomendations for this saturday and all of the following months?

  12. I just went through this with uncelophaned box of romeos and I had to freeze my cigars and then fridge them . I think I saved them no more holes

  13. What if you keep your humidors around 65 and 50 humidity? Any negative effect?

    Also thankfully I've never had beatles in my cigars

  14. Did a grown man just call bugs gross?

  15. What are you supposed to do if your humidor gets too dry? Is there a proper way to bring the humidity back to a good level without harming the cigars?

  16. Hey Bradley, what’s worse in you opinion, beetles or mold?

  17. What knife is that?? It looks excellent!

  18. Props to you man…seriously…willing to smoke that for our edubacation… BEETLEJUICE…. BEETLEJUICE…

  19. Thanks for taking one for the team by puffing on that cigar. Sad to see the cigars ruined!

  20. Great video nice to know. But can cigar beetles get anywhere else besides cigars and mess anything else up?

  21. or it lays eggs in ur throat and then an Alien bust out ur chest!!!

  22. Never have had beetles. I keep my acrylic humidor at 66 to 70 rh and 70 to 74 deg f. Great info thanks Bradley and Dana

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