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Smoking the WORLD’S NO. 1 CIGAR (f. Andalusian Bull)

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If you had your own cigar review magazine, what cigars would be in your top 3 right now? Drop us a comment below!

And you can get a taste of the Andalusian Bull here:

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  1. OK….. This cigar is too expensive for the LFDs that are so good for less money.

  2. The acid kuba kuba in my humble opinion is the best cigar in the world.

  3. What are the best light, sweet and flavourful sticks for beginners?

  4. If either of you use a torch lighter to light up, then you sure as heck don't know how to light a cigar. Torches while popular, scorch the tobacco and then you suck that into the cigar. Soft flame or cedar spills are the only way to go.

  5. LFD paid big money to CA for that #1 placement. So weak.

  6. Bra look how long the guy on the right ash is it did not fall the whole time

  7. i always love the Acid Blondies. cheap but have a good flavor and a pretty smooth drag

  8. Bradley, you're slightly learning challenged <3

  9. Bradley, you're dumb….and then your name.

  10. Guy on the right looks like the white lavar ball

  11. The cigars I remember liking the most are quite full-bodied.
    My top 3 would probably be as follows
    1. Davidoff Maduro Robusto (based on memory this is the best cigar I've ever had. However, it's been two years since I had it, so this could fall off the throne quite quickly when I have another. I currently have one in my humidor but I'm saving it for a special ccasion.)
    2. Rocky Patel The Edge Short Robusto Maduro ( awesome and bold flavour. Lot's of cocoa tones. Great stick at a fairly reasonable price here in Norway)
    3. Santa Clara 1830 No. 4 (who would've thought that Mexicans could make a good cigar? This was in a sampler I bought a month ago. Very happy with it. Only bad thing was that the ash fell off very soon, resulting in a lovely grey stain on the carpet …)

    While I do love many Cuban smokes as well, they do not make my list because of the steep price compared to some alternatives. There are many great and more affordable non-Cuban sticks out there.

  12. Sorry about that have you heard of Viking cigars

  13. Have you guys heard a biking cigars or tried them

  14. What would you suggest for a big occasion but have no experience in buy cigars

  15. Why am i binge watching a cigar review channel, i've never smoked a cigar in my life

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