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Smoking JFKs (John F. Kennedy) Favorite Cigar (Cuban H.Upmann Petite Corona)

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  1. Great review! Is there an H. Upmann cigar line that is available in the U.S. that would be comparable to this stick?

  2. I had my first cuban a week or two ago it was a nice montecristo number two

  3. I wanna send me one? lol jk unless you want to buy ima have to buy some of these one day

  4. most people are happier paying for an experience (ie. john f kennedys favorite cigar so close to july 4th as a American) than something they just use but dont really need

  5. When i was14 i went to cancun mexico and i saw this same cigar and it smelt better tyan all the others so I purchased it for 25$. It was well worth it 🙂

  6. Kennedy bought 1500 boxes of them + 150 boxes punch petit corona

  7. I just got back from the Bahamas with 3 H. Upmann Coronas Major's haven't tried them yet but can't go wrong with Cubans

  8. Best thing that happened to Kennedy was he died young. Him and his family are libtard scumbags who cheated on there wives, got away with manslaughter, back room dealings, making money under the table while screwing the common man, bootlegging alcohol (thumbing the nose at govt during prohibation), etc. That is America's royal family for you. The Cuban missile crisis was handled properly, but stocking up ahead of time of their cigars negates the principal of the embargo.

  9. Hey jeff, i have that exact same chevy shirt! Great minds think alike, huh?

  10. Dude! at 11:39, you made an ash of yourself. That's O.K. all smokers do, I did. If you wet your finger tip and touch it to the fallen ash, the entire ash will stick to the moisture on your fingertip and you can drop it in your ashtray. I smoked for 34 years and Cuban cigars were always available in South Florida. I can't ever remember one that was disappointing. Jeff, you aren't going to be able to taste anything properly until you stop smoking because your sense of taste has been dulled by the very act. This makes cigar tasting and review a personal observation that is meaningless to anyone that isn't you. That's not criticism just observation. That was a Great shot of the young Buck "Streetwalker" passing by

  11. I live in NH and I am literally willing to drive all the way down there to PA and basically write you a blank check for one of these. Like seriously name a price.

  12. I don't know why but whenever the ash falls on you unexpectedly during these reviews it makes me chuckle a bit also I just watched one of your videos from later 2015 and you have lost so much weight good for you

  13. I'm not a smoker but if I ever go on a vaca out of the US I would like to try a Cuban I guess it's the forbidden fruit effect lol part of the reason is because of the JFK story.

  14. that cigar Is like a 10 to 15 dollar cigar in canada depending on where you get it

  15. Cutlery lover have you ever chewed Tabacco or dipped

  16. you did a great review,you look thinner keep up the vids

  17. All cigars taste the same

  18. wow you have lost a lot of weight you look great!

  19. hey there really enjoying your cigar reviews.. 2 favourites of mine: partagas petite corona and ramon allones robusto; both really delightful cuban cigars that stick out flavour wise.. have a nice one 🙂

  20. @cutlerylover please before you buy another torch look up Blazer torches. High end Japanese torches. They have some quality torches for 30 dollars with crystal igniters that last. Check 'em out.

  21. What a dick move by JFK. Ironically he did not end up needing that many. Maybe I should smoke the best cigar in my box on that note. Never know what can happen tomorrow.

  22. Great review…gotta be honest normally I skip the cigar reviews but today I decide to see the Cuban review because I have tried one in the past and enjoyed it. I'm like those people to hear Cuban cigars and you think the best I guess it's the lack of cigar knowledge.

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