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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favourite cigar.

After a succes at the Arnold Classic Barcelona expo i had the chance to smoke a cigar with arnold schwarzenegger.

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  1. hey tavi great video..just seing you guys give inspiration and all look really good..what the french beast name? thanks can wait for next one

  2. You guys seriously went to McDonalds lmao :D

  3. When your so big, that no fucks are given when you eat lol

  4. You look fat as fuck lol hahhahah

  5. This is a really good vlog! Enjoyed watching it!

  6. Tavi..Sadik you guys made my fucking day !!!!!

  7. nice video bro 🙂 Miss the expo with the team

  8. what a bunch of posers lol

  9. sadik has no personality

  10. Hahaha you guys are awesome man, definitely my sort of crowd, jokers, just like to take the piss, but can be serious when need to be. I would love to be apart of the BE team.

  11. was that girl instagram the one eating cheetos bro

  12. no chill

  13. Plz try to do vlogs more often ..<3

  14. Dope as always…! Love the Team. Fibo2017 will rock…! Tell Robin he did an amazing Job with Sadiks Video…

  15. Lmaooo love how tavi makes sure to get tho booty when they walk around racking the weights! Sadik looking super swoll

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