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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Muy ermoso ..moler. Huge 85

  2. I let this man slap me around and abuse me:-)

  3. The A-Team is back

  4. Ur cute!!!

  5. We Love to see you in Leather! 😀

  6. That’s one big cigar.

  7. Great!!

  8. That’s epic, you should go buy another one and smoke it all in front of a

  9. Duke Nukem?

  10. you look like the guy off house loll

  11. how long did that take to light

  12. where the hell do you get somthing like that?

  13. @goodp4986 haha good one xD

  14. good luck finding a case to fit that monster ma need a welding torch to
    light it

  15. that is not a cigar dude that looks like a freaking dynamite stick about to
    freaking explode… lol

  16. you sorta look like Dr. House from the show house

  17. wow ur cool…

  18. :31 looks like he’s opening his mouth for a big black cock.

  19. looks like a big donkey turd lol

  20. Now if that was a BLUNT, that would be dope as fuck

  21. def know what you can hold in your mouth ;-P

  22. I WANT ONE

  23. mmm…perfect…

  24. its good 😛

  25. @stogiepig dude… dr. house kicks ass!!

  26. How did I miss this video before?!! Damn, it’s HOT! Love the beard and and
    the way you smoke this Bazuka!!!

  27. my keyboard is ruined from shooting a huge load of seaman on it. that was
    so hot. lawlz.

  28. You are fucking hoooot, I love U =D

  29. i think maduro is the best of the cigars

  30. do you deep throat also?

  31. FUCKIN HOT!!

  32. damn thats hot as hell!!!

  33. Inhale I dare u haha

  34. fuck u r so sexy u can do me anyday bub

  35. very hot, mister

  36. Niko Bellic

  37. thats one huge motherfucker

  38. @veho544 It’s from Martinez cigars in New York. go to the kinkinfo web site
    and click on the “cigars” link for their web page.

  39. lololol thats fucking huge, imagine a blunt that big shiiit

  40. lmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffaaaaaaooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Funny, I had one other person tell me that. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  42. you look like your sucking a cock man..

  43. Like very much ! Fit !!

  44. you are an extremely handsome man, sir.

  45. Leather, gloves, cigar end the handsome man into it!!!

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