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“Sloppy Older Brother?” [ Should I Smoke This ] | NewAir CC-300 Review

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You’ve already seen my review on the NewAir CC-100H. THIS is the BIGGER BROTHER humidor, the NewAir CC-300! If you like the CC-100H but you have TOO MANY CIGARS for one of those, THIS might be the one for you! Why do I call it the “Sloppy Older Brother?” Get ALL THE DETAILS in this review!


  1. I got the same issue bring my wineador humidity to 65 … its been always 69-70 and am using cigar oasis too

  2. Great review. I’m considering buying one of these. I have a 100 count that is bursting at the seams. Now to convince my wife.

  3. I own a CC 100 and was thinking of trading up to the 300. After watching the review and weighing the options, I think buying another 100 would be the best move; I'd have the option of running one at 65% and the other at 69% – one unit could be used for aging and not opened as often while the other unit served for everyday use, etc. Basically, I think 2 units would be more versatile than the one. Good review, thanks.

  4. Really good, detailed review. Thanks!

  5. I gotta be honest…

    Almost 10 years ago when I finally got 'serious' into cigars – I'd worry about RH, temp, cello, or no cello, etc.

    A few years ago I saw vids on tupperdors/coolidors, and that pretty much was a game changer for me.

    I have 4 Rubbermaid 'Lock-It's' tupperdors filled with approx 80 to 90 sticks each…With 6 Boveda packs in each they keep the desired RH within 2%, and the packs last for months on end…As long as you have them in a place where the temp doesn't fluctuate often, and can keep a consistent 68 to 72 F – you're fine.

    In short – nothing against those who wish to spend the extra $$$ on devices to store their sticks, but sometimes the 'simple' route is the way to go IMHO.

  6. I’ve had my CC-300 for about two years. Works great; temp and rh in mid to high 60’s, with nothing more than some crystals and a few Bovedas. And I live in a dry desert environment. Highly recommended.

  7. Ive had this unit for 2 years and love it. And i also have the temp issue where its not dead on. I have mine set at 66 in order for it to stay between 65-68. My house stays at 72 in summer and 69 in winter, so not a big deal, but i love mine. Also have 2 lbs. of 70% heartfelt spread throughout from top to bottom. Stays between 67-70% rh

  8. Love the clip of big Ray Williams squatting. What an animal! I'll let him know next time I see him.

  9. While I don’t regret getting the CC-100H, I’ve had some weirdness with mine that you didn’t have. Still – for the money they are a pretty damn useful unit!

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