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Siglo Limited Reserve VI Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Siglo Limited Reserve VI Cigar Review This 6×54 stick features a dark brown slightly toothy and oily wrapper with a double cap, minimal veins, tight invisibl…

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  1. I had a dream where I went to your house and we smoked cigars for a while.
    And you had a daughter and 2 sons. Not to be a stalker or anything hahaha

  2. im getting a cigar next wednesday how do you put out a cigar half way wen u
    want to finish it another day?

  3. Nice buzz, get some sun on that dome. Thomson has some specials on these
    that I have been thinking about. Might have to pick some up.

  4. Bryan, I wanted to give an overall comment on all of your reviews. I want
    to thank you for your hard work and daily dedication in giving us as
    consumers a place to come for sound, honest, and professional advice. Your
    comments are short and to the point, a few minutes without dragging out a
    20 minute dialogue, making it boring. You give flavor notes without using
    exaggerated words that aren’t needed, and also give us the strength and
    body to suit our taste. Your an asset to the cigar community.


  6. Well I am the J. Drew. Just not THE J. Drew of Drew estates. My cousin and
    uncle also are J. Drews. Just one of those things.

  7. How about reviewing an E Cigar ?

  8. Shaved head doesn’t look bad, but I’m bummed you shaved the beard. I was
    hoping you would grow it out.

  9. Any chance of a cigar gear video? Maybe showing a few of your favorite
    cutters and lighters with some explanations why you like them.

  10. Lol cheap cigars taint the industry

  11. Chrome Dome!! Not bad!


  13. Can you use a bic to light a cigar if you dont hold the cigar in the flame.

  14. Don’t support such a scummy company. They spam and stole one of my vids.
    See the posts on my site, search for thompson

  15. Thank you.

  16. Pretty much the rule of thumb is if it isn’t a butane lighter, don’t use it
    because it can ruin the taste of the cigar. Bryan uses a butane soft flame
    lighter, and most cigar smokers I’ve seen use butane torch lighters.

  17. He already has.

  18. Enjoyed your review, particularly your style of getting to the point. This
    is, perhaps, my favorite Cuban cigar by a noticeable margin. I have noticed
    in the past some consistency not being what it always should be. That seems
    to have now been corrected. I just opened a box of May 2012 ones after
    resting a month in my large standing humidor. Like you noted a rich musty
    smell promising great flavors. A wonderful dry draw reinforces that. Lit
    like a champ, never needed correction. True 10!

  19. J. Drew sent that to you? I assume, as it was not a Liga Privada or
    Undercrown, that it was not THE J. Drew.

  20. always looking forward to your videos

  21. Thank you very much, I appreciate all the viewer support just as much!

  22. like a boss! Nice cut

  23. This is from Nicaragua, not Cuba.

  24. Wife did it in his sleep. 🙂

  25. Mmmmm my mouths watering for a tobacco hut cheap smokes cigar that tastes
    like the shop smells ie. incense must mold:/

  26. What should my first cigar be any ideas ?

  27. Glad to see a habano .When I introduce noobs to my 5 to 20 dollar a stick
    obsession words don’t describe my affliction but when they smoke a Cuban
    for themselves and taste the bready cofffey notes from a true puro , words
    are meaningless and they get it.:–“

  28. no hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yeah yeah ma baldy

  30. That is a very good cigar…btw would you by any chance ever do a
    collaborative video with another reviewer such as havanahumidor?

  31. o.O

  32. JDrew?

  33. If this isn’t a ripoff of the cohiba siglo VI in name and appearance, then
    I don’t know what is. Enjoying the reviews nonetheless!

  34. I dig the new don’t.

  35. nooooooo, not the hair…lol any planes for a cigarobsession Premium
    Sampler 2?

  36. I was not expecting the new bald look.

  37. I have something else first 😉

  38. You don’t finish cigars another day. If you have limited time smoke a
    smaller cigar.

  39. had to do a double take nice shave haha

  40. I’ve done plenty including the gear I use. See the Reviews link at the top
    of the main site.

  41. Nope.

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