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Show #28 Gurkha Ninja Perfecto

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Another Gurkha, this time a Ninja indeed.

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  1. @Jerexify Thanks for the comment, I also kind of like what the music brings
    so for the most part it will be staying. Again, thanks for the input. Have
    a great day!

  2. @russellpradia Hmm, I wonder if they dont have the Ninja…. These may be
    the only lower priced ones they have. Most here are $8.00 and up.

  3. @Rickjames214 I have had the LX2 but not the MX2, Ill have to give that a

  4. 1:28 hahahahahahha

  5. I vote keep the music, personally. It adds a nice ambience. Great review.
    I’ll be subscribing for sure.

  6. @damonpettit Thank you, Actually lit up a ninja XO tonight and enjoying the
    mild weather. Ever tried the CAO MX2?

  7. Just smoked one but the perfecto#2 and NOOOOOO complaints kind of full but
    awesome complexity… I first tasted a very heavy leather peppery taste and
    nice oil creaminess at the end of the draw… then by the 2nd 3rd the
    leathery flavor shifted into a very silky chocolate flavor and ending with
    a nice coffee taste… you do get a loooot of peppery feeling behind your
    tongue but for me that’s good… perfect burn the ash was very veeery firm
    and im surprised because it didn’t felt at all!!!

  8. Never have seen a Gurkha under $10 here in SoCal

  9. @Rickjames214 I am here in AZ, the birds are pretty nice and very
    talkative. 🙂 In the summer they are a little less but mainly because they
    are trying not to die of heat. Well, anytime you need to hear birds just
    throw on one of my reviews. Thanks for watching and commenting! Have a
    great day!

  10. Awesome. I tried mine as I watched your video. I also enjoyed the Ninja.

  11. For some reason someone flagged your comment as spam so I never saw it
    until now. This cigar seems to be pretty consistent. Nice to see. Thank you
    for commenting! Have a great one!

  12. Very cool, thank you very much for watching and commenting! I hope your
    having a great week! Cheers.

  13. They are as low as 5 dollars here in NC

  14. Where are you that the birds are chirping? I’m from chicago and the birds
    here suck

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