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Short Ashes Casa Magna Robusto

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Walt from takes a Short Ashes look at the Casa Magna Colorado.

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  1. This is a great review — incredibly thorough. Nice pinch hitting.

  2. So it’s Zingy? I’ll have to try one of these.

  3. I’m hoping this man just sucks at lighting cigars. Going to smoke one of
    these tomorrow. I’m not a fan of ‘spicy’ regarding cigars.

  4. I’ve only had one but it was a big disappointment. The flavor was a
    consistent pepper that never varied and I had burn problems too. I’ve heard
    some great reviews on this so I suspect these vary greatly between cigars.

  5. Thanks buddy! I have smoked a few of these over the last several months and
    I have found a wide variance between them, so I definitely recommend
    smoking a few, but that does say something about the consistency of course.

  6. Let’s hope that as you continue to smoke theese that they will indeed get
    better. But for 5 bucks a stick its hard to beat. One would wish that they
    could get a dynamite smoke for that price. Hell Im still trying to find
    them in stock. I look foward to smoking for my self

  7. I’ve smoked several casa magna robustos and have never had a burn issue,
    other than the fact that it burns a little wavy, but never enough to be a
    problem. It definitely has a pretty consistent spice throughout the stick,
    it comes and goes, varying in intensity throughout the cigar, but with
    earthy undertones and chocolatey notes, I find them to be rather satisfying
    sticks. A little heavy for an everyday smoke, maybe not worthy of the 2008
    cigar of the year award, but over all a great cigar.

  8. The best

  9. love your reviews man! thanks.

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