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Shock Collar Cigar Review Challenge

Posted by in Cigar Review

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… The title pretty much speaks for itself. please leave a comment.

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  1. Great video guys!! Very funny. I was wondering if you could recommend a good torch lighter and a few cigars for a tad bit of a beginner, love the videos, will definitely order through TNT cigars!!

  2. You two are completely crazy! Can't wait to see what other misery you inflict on each other. Keep up the good work.

  3. just finished my second of five leaf by Oscar cigars from the sampler on your website and oh my God they are amazing thank you for providing it great cigars a great price

  4. lmfaoo great video guys!! what about shooting brad with a paintball gun lmfaooo

  5. Next person to make a mistake should be forced to smoke a 'too good to be true' moldy cigar with the collar.

  6. We from Hawaii who are about to smoke salute you!

  7. Poor Tim, he's going to have brain damage from that. I guess he can use brain damage as an excuse if he makes another mistake. 😉

  8. I think round two is in order for the mid stick review! Tim you're a trooper!

  9. Damn that thing goes to 100 thats a ton of electricity for a human let alone a dog

  10. You guys need your own 2 man comedy tour! Love your videos and love the deals you guys have!

  11. damn do you fools entertain the shit out of me!!!!! lol

  12. Bradley must've been having the time of his life lol

  13. Lmao! Too funny. This was truly epic!

  14. When is it going to be snowflake Bradley's turn in the "hot seat"???

  15. I got into cigar smoking cause of you guys and leemack912! Great videos guys.

  16. i want cigars, i dont have money, so sad

  17. As funny as it was I felt so sad for him cuz he just made one little mistake. Guys, you don't have to punish each other, cuz I will still buy a box of cigars monthly from TNT. It was still funny though. Good job Tim and Brad!

  18. Those noises he made were so manly.

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