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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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SF Deluxe Menthol Filtered Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. You should do USA’ s

  2. Try smoking a homemade tea cig put some tea out of a bag of tea on a piece
    of paper roll it up and light its pretty weak but tastes good , giv it a try

  3. Be patient, it will come soon enough

  4. I plan on doing USA cigs soon, maybe right after I review the ones I have

  5. Uuummm,,,, never mind

  6. The best Al Capone is the sweet just get the pack of 2 though only a dollar
    9. The ten pack is the price of a pack of Reds!!!

  7. Evet

  8. You should do USA golds the full flavor are decent burn quick as hell though

  9. Try decades red 100’s

  10. try camal crush menthal. by the way nice tattoo

  11. Could you review some Al Capone cigarillos?

  12. Hey bro, I sent you a message about the cigar, let me know if you got it.

  13. A lot of menthol smokes are harsh, most are pretty smooth but there are
    some for sure.

  14. Yup, got it and replied to it. Thanks bro!

  15. I do the best I can 🙂

  16. Can u do mavericks golds

  17. 4.31 sorry I just had to laugh

  18. Do maverick golds and basics

  19. Lol, close enough

  20. I have reviewed a few different Grape flavored smokes… I would have to go
    through all my vids to see which ones though. Thanks bro

  21. you think you can do newport blue menthols

  22. Just let me know and i can send you some!

  23. Love your videos! Great review!

  24. Do the black and mild fast break

  25. Retarded

  26. hopefully there’s no harsh it’s a menthol haha

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