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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. if someone would like to try a cherry pipe tobacco i would say try cao
    cherrybomb its the best one i tried. 

  2. i like dark coffee but mild cigars……

  3. @reddyb2 like a really hot chicks ass right out of the shower? maybe

  4. how far down should you smoke a cigar?

  5. Yep, i actually buy a cheap cigar and put a few in a dedicated humidor that
    has both water and whiskey in it. they absorb the smell and flavor. takes
    about 3 months.

  6. Not badass…

  7. yeah, ugly as sin. nasty.

  8. Damn… never knew you weren’t supposed to inhale cigars… FACK!

  9. I consider my self a bad ass so I guess I should put out and relight my
    cigars to find out what I taste like lol

  10. Best life advice ever. “You’re still going to die” Lol

  11. What’s good ass?

  12. @joshskorton It should also be noted that some torch lighters can also
    create a soft flame, if you buy a “hybrid lighter”. Those are kinda nifty.

  13. Your beard is bosslike.

  14. nicely done, J – great advice – thanks for building & sharing the vid – MM

  15. Great video.

  16. @ChillsBong Almost anything with a soft flame doesn’t burn the fuel source
    100%, Bics are okay but they definitely impart a flavor.

  17. I’m going to die?!?!?!?!?

  18. A girls ass lol duh.

  19. like sucking a straw like putting in your mouth and spitting it out.and
    sometimes inhale like every 2 or three puffs

  20. You helped allot thank you..

  21. The best kind!

  22. in my experience there is no difference between bic lighters and torch
    lighters, that is why i only use wooden matches. and about the wrapper; i
    had very mild cigars with a maduro wrapper . if you like the nigaragua you
    will like honduras(flor de copan). i live in europe so i started with cuban
    cigars but later found out i can get better quality for less money just by
    going to the honduras or dom rep or nigaragua cigars.anyway cool vid …and
    am looking forward to the next ones.

  23. “save your spunk”

  24. That was straightforward and to the point. Much appreciated man!

  25. Thanks for the informative video, Josh! I’m already a cigar smoker, but
    diving into the pipe world seems a bit more intimidating. Could you
    recommend a few aromatics to try (especially vanilla ones if those are a
    must-have)? Is the drugstore stuff like Captain Black any good?

  26. and i like coffee with just cream, no sugar, but like full body cigars
    …he’s trying to give you an incredibly simple guide line if you have
    nothing to go off of :p not a rule.

  27. Thank you for making a legitimate beginner’s guide to cigar smoking.

  28. i know this is about 2 years late but maybe it will help somebody else down
    the road who is new to cigars. the best way i was taught to smoke was very
    simple. 1)close your lips 2)breath through your nose 3) while keeping your
    lips closed, lower your jaw that is the basic of it, stay classic

  29. kewl videos thanks I’m looking forward to watching your videos.

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