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Samsung Galaxy Tab — Lighter.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab — Lighter. Weighing in at a dainty 565 grams, The Samsung Galaxy Tab is as light and portable as they come. Whether you’re late for an im…


  1. A credible contender for the ipad maybe? Cool looking interface.

  2. The guy in the elevator next to him is cute!

  3. круто!)

  4. Look like a serious competitor for the iPad!

  5. I like.

  6. funny, better than an ipad?

  7. Plastic

  8. I wanna one like this

  9. wait, did he get there ontime

  10. 14 apple “ipad” fanboys…

  11. I am using the older tab, and I love it

  12. Who would’ve given their tablet to some random guy?

  13. Test the new SOUND 3D ! Prova l’Emozione del suono 3D ! START !

  14. I like the bit where it’s lighter

  15. haha! wow can’t get over how sleek these tabs are!

  16. Brilliant! I’m tired of my iPad weighing me down!

  17. hmm… that’s NEVER around 540ml (+ 25g for the cup) of coffe!

  18. so if iPad is 565 grams that would make that softdrink like a liter for the

  19. I also would give away a $1000 device to get to work on time.

  20. lighter than coffee !

  21. first he gives away his galaxy tab, AFTER this his softdrink?! 🙂

  22. I like comparing ads like these to iPad ads…interesting how different
    both companies are…

  23. Finally a light solution to the tablet market – nice work guys. Also…
    hilarious advert!

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