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SAGA Short Tales Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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SAGA Short Tales Cigar Review. Tales of Cotui Tomo II by De los Reyes Cigars

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  1. Hi Delicia! Great review, as per usual. Will definitely be adding this stogie- and collectible packaging- to the "Must Buy List". Saludos é Bendiciones…salud! 😊🥃 @cigarvixen

  2. never tried the short tales, i'll have to find some. I am enjoying a Blessed Leaf from Ezra Zion, my first, and its pretty tasty coming from a hipster store……
    excellent video D thank you.

  3. AAAAAA??? 1 dis like????aaaa 1 girl with may JELOUSY for this splendor of girl ^_^ ^_^

  4. Uaaaaauuuu but 1 infinity splendor!!!I speak so so english, but as speak you i understand well all!!! Compliments, said: BEAUTIFUL, is said little…Hellooooo kiss,Marco

  5. @cigarvixen I definitely gotta get me a box of that. Awesome review as always. Cheers! 😍👍🌹💨

  6. What La Aurora would you recommend. I'm a beginner now. Some to smoke and keep in the humidor?

  7. This sounds like a great experience and smooth stick. Thanks for sharing. Cheers 🙂

  8. As always excellent review, although your introduction threw me off when you said you were going to read to us 😂🤣: very cool!

  9. Good review as always! Was wondering if you would consider adding an average retail price per stick as part of your reviews, keep up the good work!

  10. As a prolific reader, and compulsive book purchaser, even without trying the cigar to see if it suits my taste I MUST have the collection of books.

  11. I really dig the box/book packaging, that's cool! D, you're hair is so beautiful today,,, just letting you know in case you haven't heard that today:) Big Thumb's up!~John

  12. I appreciate when you share a brief background on the cigar's blend and history. Great content.

  13. Would tou consider links to sellers/shops who will take online orders

  14. where are these cigars available to buy ?

  15. Hi Delicia, do you have a favorite lighter?

  16. Fantastic review… Thanks!

  17. I love when she says pepper lmaoooo it's so relaxing

  18. I am bigenner smoker so, is cohiba good for me??

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