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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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S2.E9 Where to get Cuban cigars today.

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FACT CHECK: After fact checking the status of the Cuban cigar deal, here’s what we learned:

Everyone is buzzing about Cuban cigars. Obama claims to have lifted the ban, but stores still aren’t putting them on the shelves. What’s the deal?

In this episode, we’ll discuss the new limitations and freedoms in relation to Cuban cigars.

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  1. Deadly videos guys! I'm smoking a fairly cheap cigar I picked up at me local smoke shop, it's called Bandi Corona. I can't find much online about it, have you fellas ever heard of it or tried it? If so do ya know where there made/come from?

  2. are cuban cigars made in the usa?or other places if so whare

  3. Isn't being able to bring back Cubans better than not being able to at all?

  4. I see u man with that dominican shirt I love my country

  5. I was 29 when I started smoking cigars. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life but I have done a hookah session three or four times before. tobacco only. but cigars are my thing now

  6. I started at 14 the day before I turned 15

  7. he holds it like he hold the guy on the lefts coco when he blows him

  8. guy on the right hold a cigar like a Pussy

  9. My kid can run but he will only die tired

  10. Why where Cubans banned in America what was wrong with them

  11. a stick in Australia means weed a stick of weed

  12. You should have whooped his ass

  13. I started smoking cigars when I was 15… love em

  14. You didn't say a thing about Mail order from Cuba. Even though there"a a foriegn tax.

  15. Spain is the place to buy Cubans if you are in Europe. The Spaniards smoke the hell out of cigars and the government regulates the prices (low).

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