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S2.E5 How bad are cigars for you? W/ Chillin Moose

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Have you ever worried about your health when you’re smoking cigars? has a great summary of the FDA’s study that shows how the risk of smoking 1-2 cigars a day comes with an abysmally low risk of cancer:

This week we want you to guess the winning score of the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Arizona Cardinals. Leave your comment below. And the winner will be the person who guesses correctly, or closest without going over.

Everyone gets one guess, but if you subscribe you may have a second guess (just write ‘second guess’ next to it). If you’ve already subscribed, you can share this video on Your Facebook wall for a second guess.

This week’s winner gets a mystery 5 pack sampler of top shelf sticks. Of course you have to be of legal smoking age to compete. And no one may win more than two times.

We love all y’all over seas, but you have to live in the US to win. And guessing goes until Sunday, Sept 25th at Noon (MST).

Happy guessing!!

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  1. I smoked my first cigar at 57. I dont and have never smoked cigarettes. I also only just started smoking an occasional pipe. I only smoke maybe twice a week.

  2. Great review I have a cigar once in a while no bad effects the FDA is damn nuts

  3. Its pretty impressive that you can't tell the difference between a prescription drug and a non-medicinal drug.

  4. Bradley I agree 100%. Big government needs to gtf off my lawn and stay out of my business.

  5. I'm a veteran and I support his right to peacefully protest. I personally wouldn't have chose that way to protest, but I do understand where he's coming from. I have many friends that served in the military honorably and are good people, but they have still been treated like garbage buy the police. I also know there are cops that are good people. I just think people on both sides should keep an open mind to what's happening to some American. I live in Chicago and I know there's some cops out here that are worse thsn the gang members.

  6. Can't comment on the "1-2 cigars a day" thing.

    But the point about oxycontin in children doesn't apply here. Kids prescribed oxycontin either have broken bones, or pain related to bad diseases. It's not like the FDA is saying it is safe. They are saying that protecting kids from pain outweighs the risk of long term tolerance and addiction.

    I am not saying the FDA is doing a great job, but let's not make off-the-cuff equivalencies with medication use in children.

  7. You guys need an assistant? I'm good at grabbing coffee…

  8. Moderation in all things. And as for the FDA, after hearing how much it costs for a cigar company to get a single blend authorized I can't help but think that profit generation has a lot to do with the goverment's actions.

  9. Enjoyed the vid…first one I have seen from you guys. What's with the pistols on the table though? And that Alec Bradley ashtray is killer! Sub'd. and thumbs up.

  10. Smoking cigars is a risk I'm willing to take because I really enjoy them…Especially with a cold beer, a nice dram of scotch/bourbon, or even a morning coffee.

    It's not a habit…It's a lifestyle we choose.

  11. I think smoking cigars is no different than drinking alchohol or eating cake, or having a soda everyday. They're all unhealthy, but NOTHING like smoking cigarettes

  12. To be entirely fair here, as a regular cigar smoker, there is still a higher risk of cancer when smoking cigars. Not as high as, say, chain smoking cigarettes, but the risk is still present.

    Don't let that deter you though, unless you already have a higher risk of lung/oral/throat cancer. I mean, Fidel Castro smoked around 3-4 a day from when he was 15(!) until he was ~60, and lived to die of old age.

  13. America did not fight in Vietnam to give us "FREEDOM OF SPPECH" we did not fight in Iraq, Afghanistan….for America's "FREEDOM" are soldiers has died because of are greedy elites in this country. Colin kapernick rebellion has nothing to do with disrespecting the military. his rebellion is towards the complete injustices of minorities in the pass and presents. you wont understand until it's you getting punch In the face everyday after lunch.

  14. I'm sorry but one study isn't proof, and a 'low incidence' of cancer among cigar smokers isn't the pie, it's the RELATIVE incidence vs non-smokers, which is just as bad for certain tpes of cancers compared to cigarettes

  15. I started smoking cigars in the mid-60s. That means I've been smoking cigars for fifty-five years. Line up the number of deaths from prescribed opioids per year with deaths from cigars per year and you'll see how crazy our priorities are. Bottom line: I'm older than my doctor and I'm healthier.

  16. Ramon Allones cigars– tried one, a box will show up someday..

  17. That's a cool ashtray. Where did you get it?

  18. i just stared smokeing cigars this year im 26 lol

  19. I'm also a veteran, deployed 12 months to Afghanistan. Yes KP has the right to do what he does but so does the guy who taped his jersey to the ground as a floor mat. What it comes down to is that KP is a joke. He makes this huge political statement and then he didn't even vote. His career as a quarterback is over so now he is trying to keep the cameras on him how ever he can.

  20. good job guys….FDA…obviously…is a total F%$# joke

  21. I read that asking your cigars are bad. How come you to we're doing it?

  22. but cigars does affect youngers swell, I am 16 years old and I will soon smoke my first one so it does

  23. To smoke such a big dildo-likes cigars is hidden (latent) desire so suck dicks. Dr. Freud compleatly and clearly stated and confirmed in his Psychoanalisys theory. So guys bad news for you… you are latent gays covering your desire to suck dicks with this gigant cigars. Deal with it.

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