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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Ruthless Cigar Review – Sweet – TrueTobacco

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Try the strawberry white owl cigarillos

  2. Hey Dan, another great review! 🙂 before I go out and try a new cigarette
    brand I check out your reviews to see if you’ve done a good review on
    them…could you do a review on Eve cigarettes I think they’re 120s but
    would love to know what they’re like 🙂

  3. Nice 1mil views

  4. LMAO love it when you say dat ash in that accent

  5. Love the videos Dan I am a none smoker, and I myself find them (like
    others) enjoyable, though I am more of a Cigar man myself. On a side note
    are you left handed? I noticed that you always hold the cig/cigar with your
    left hand like myself.

  6. what da hell that thing is a cigar

  7. Dan, can you please review Marlboro Red special blends?

  8. man i love ur cigar and cigarillo reviews keep it man there great..

  9. We’d like it if you didnt smoke one before the review so you dont know what
    to expect either! Great reviews Dan 😀

  10. hey dan congrats on reaching 1 million views. Keep it going.

  11. your so ruthless dan!!

  12. dan do a review on the Jewels Sweets

  13. Dan you can buy these RUTHLESS CIGARS for $11.99 per bx. + shipping at:

  14. Congratulations on the 1 Million video views, Dan! 🙂

  15. Cigars

  16. truetobacco is very good thanks

  17. Hey, can u plz try snus ? 🙂

  18. Great vid bro!

  19. i was just smoking a back woods sweet’n’mild

  20. Lol, thanks

  21. BLESS YOU!!!.

  22. Poke a hole where you draw through.

  23. bless u Dan…:)

  24. You should review everything you come into contact with, hilarious and
    entertaining reviews, especially the Backwoods ones.

  25. More will be coming, be patient my friend. Gotta mix it up some.

  26. just by the way that cigar looks i wouldnt get it but im more of a
    cigarette person though anyway.

  27. I guess the honey berry spoiled you

  28. Dan I know u have a lot of cigars waitin to be reviewd but on the site were
    u bought these one there was white cat cigirilos and the was a black and
    mild with a different type of would on it

  29. He has a video saying he wont ever review them. Check his channel before

  30. I don’t care much for those. The backwoods are much better.

  31. did u never try smokeless tobacco?

  32. I really want a honey berry backwoods cigar now:(

  33. Dan plzzzzz don’t smoke a before the videos it rowen the surprise factor

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