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Rose of Sharon Lancero Cigar Review/ Revisa de Cigarro (English & Spanish)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Rose of Sharon cigar in a beautiful lancero. Exquisite draw and flavor. Get yours today through:

Rose of Sharon by Southern Draw Cigars

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Rose of Sharon by Southern Draw Cigars

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  1. Need more Latino cigar reviewers..but great review very informative and get the feel of the cigar

  2. More in Spanish please!! I am a Puerto Rican lady. And started to appreciated cigars culture 2 years ago. You are perfect in Spanish! Trust me! Either Language is perfect for your exquisite knowledge! Great example that a real lady can smoke cigars!

  3. Some food making videos, please.

  4. You look beautiful and I really like the pink shirt with the Rose of Sharon cigar

  5. The best, most professional cigar channel…really. Love it! but i have to get this off my chest…you are gorgeous! it's unreal.

  6. One of my favorites. In fact I just received my shipment yesterday. Thank you for the review.

  7. the only southern draw ive tried was the jacobs ladder, and it was amazing. Cant wait to try this one out. This morning I am smoking the hell out of a Caldwell The Last Tsar. Wow great taste. Good review D thanks.

  8. me gusto mucho la traduccion en español,hojala lo haga en todos los videos,enhorabuena

  9. Que bien el review en Español.Espero que no sea el ultimo. Cigar en español se dice Puro.

  10. Delicia, spectacular reviews in Spanish. I encourage you to continue doing them in Spanish, and it is also very good. Do you have many fans that we follow you and we would like you to continue making the reviews in Spanish. (Delicia, espectacular hacer las reseñas en español. Te animo a seguir haciendolas en español, y además es muy bueno. Tienes muchos fans que te seguimos y quisieramos sigas haciendo las reseñas en español…Besos!)

  11. Que sexy te escuchas en español 💓💓

  12. Another fantastic review and another cigar I need to buy! So thanks for the promo code. LOL Also, love that you're doing reviews in Spanish too (and your Spanish is good, don't be so hard on yourself).

  13. Hi Delicia, I wanted to ask you a question, even though you probably won't answer!! I noticed you live in California, and use online shops for cigars!! How do you deal with the tobacco tax that California applies? I am new to this world so I was wondering!

  14. Great review! I have the privilege of living in Austin, TX home of Southern Draw, as well as the honor of lighting up with Sharon Holt frequently. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. The smoke is indeed like her. I describe it sweet stick don't let that fool you because she does bite! As with all the Southern Draw sticks I highly enjoy lighting the closed foot and smoking it as at that point you are smoking only the wrapper. A delightful treat for a quick 4-5 puffs. #lovemesomesoutherndraw. This Lancero size enhances everything I love about the Rose of Sharon being a fan of the size myself. #teamlancero for the WIN!

  15. Can do a review mark Twain cigars

  16. when is a lighter not going to work for you again Delicia?

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