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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Room 101 Big Delicious Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Room 101 Big Delicious Cigar Review This 6.25×52 torpedo is the 6th Microblend produced for SmokeInn and features a dark brown soft wrapper with a firm pack,…

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  1. I just recently started noticing how many lizards are often on the fence
    behind you.

  2. How often would you smoke a cigar on average? Do you only do it to relax or
    would you do it say if you were say at work or something

  3. love the HD! Always enjoy your reviews, have been following since your
    humidor setup video years ago. And also enjoy your new HLO channel. Doing
    and looking great!

  4. I had the Room 101 OSOK and it DESTROYED me! Got so ill from that stick!

  5. “Big delicious mouth feel”… I do not know this mouth feel. 😀

  6. How often do you smoke cigars out of curiosity? Maybe once a day or a
    couple times a week?

  7. The new video setup is great, now the AV-quality matches the quality of the

  8. Nice Ashton shirt!

  9. You said it all when you said the stick doesn’t have “Big Delicious”
    flavors. I like the cigar but didn’t think it lived up to its name. The
    first third is very bland but the flavors pick up nicely in the second
    third. This is the third Smoke Inn microblend I’ve had and it was my least
    favorite. The Tatuaje Anarchy was by far my favorite, followed by the
    Tatuaje Apocalypse.

  10. can you review the excalibur miniatures?

  11. Lol lizard around 5:30 haha

  12. Hey Brian, did you get a new camera? Looks good

  13. Could you make a video about the different cigar formats (robusto, corona,
    …)? Pls.

  14. For some reason when you were trying to think of the word, I said “Thin?”
    out loud, half expecting a response…..

  15. Ethereal. You were thinking ethereal!

  16. awesome!

  17. What were their other microblends? I know the Anarchy and Apocalypse. Those
    are nice.

  18. Gecko on the fence

  19. The lizard king! Clever band for sure!

  20. Lizard!

  21. 0:00 to 0:12 epic lizard fight

  22. Big Laugh @ the few geckos at your fence in the back or what is it 🙂 Nice
    review though

  23. wow, now that is video quality! great!

  24. Omg look at the lizards on his fence hahahha

  25. I love the improvements you’ve made to the channel! The sound and video
    quality Is great 🙂

  26. love the new HD

  27. Love the new HD video! Always a big fan of the cigar reviews. Helps me
    choose some of the cigars I buy! Thanks Bryan!!

  28. awesome picture!

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