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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar Reviews Ep14 Pt1

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Welcome to the Dr Joe Show Cigar Review Episode 14! Today we review a cigar from one of the most popular cigar brands to ever emerge throughout history – Rom…



  1. Nuts, earth, nutmeg, cinnamon graham cracker, salt and spice on the
    finish…sounds amazing.

    The best CC I ever had was a 6yr Cazadores, always been of fan of RYJ.
    Definitely grabbing a box of the ’13 ELs.

  2. Fun little bit of trivia, the R&J Short Churchill appears to be what Nigel
    Farage is fond of. Seen several publicity photos with him smoking one,
    usually whilst making a silly face or some such.

  3. unflavoured chapstick is also good if wrapper starts unrolling!

  4. Another great review! Thanks Joe

  5. Joe, I apologize if this question has been asked before, but you gotta be
    from long island, right? I heard you use the word ” upstate” in one of your
    videos, and you’re obv from NY as am I. Just wondering if you were a fellow
    LI’er or a city dude. Really enjoy your videos, keep it up brotha!_Dan

  6. Sorry I meant after the fact before seeing your fake cuban videos I placed
    an order of h upman Cubans with them. Looks like the rest of my comment is
    cut off. So to continue bigsmokers entices with huge promotional cuts,
    example the box of h upman were 70% off. I payed a whopping 70 bucks for it
    in dec 2013. Well it almost march and still have not received them. Also
    said site said I won monthly raffles like a box of 25 assorted Cubans, a
    box of behike 52,etc and all this would be shipped with said box I ordered.
    Well I’ll try to call again this Monday. My goal is to try to get my money
    back at this point. I would be hesitant to order Cubans from a real site
    (which I don’t know of any). Just wanted to share my personal experience
    and say keep up the excellent work. 

  7. I’m a vet and cant get out often so I truly appreciate your vids. keep them
    coming thanks

  8. Thanks for smoking the request have a box of these and Iove them 

  9. Hi Dr. Joe, I recently found these videos on you tube and thoroughly enjoy
    them. I recently saw your previous video which spoke about and through personal experience were not aware this
    site was fake. chalk it up as inexperience. A long time ago I bought a box
    of partagas d4 from them. I received the cigars without the band or the
    box. It tasted pretty good and I honestly have no idea if they are fake
    since I don’t have a real one to compare it too. Would I be able to send
    you one in for review? After the fact of seeing your fake cuban videos, I
    order a box of cuban h upman from the same online retailer back in dec. and
    still have yet to receive it. Now bigsmokers will entice you not just with
    the low price since I bought it at 70% year end sale and paid a whopping 70
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    assorted Cubans or a box of cohiba bahike’s absolute free. All in all I
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    at least a 100 times and get the we are reshipping etc. still nothing on my
    end. So Monday I am sure they will tell me the same song and dance. I just
    hope I can get a refund. Never again lesson learned. I’ll stick with the
    state cigars. Not worth the headache trying real Cubans. I would be
    hesitant to order from a real site, which I don’t know of any off hand.
    Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to share my personal experience and tell
    you I support your videos. Keep up the great job. 

  10. Cigar Review Ep.14: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill. This cigar was
    requested several times recently and it was my pleasure to oblige! Enjoy
    the show…

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