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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cuban Cigar Review

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Alex from showcases a Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill box of 25.


  1. Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cuban Cigar Review


  3. @IIIMAVER1CK thats grest news now i know you went on vacation and went to a
    tabaco shop at the airport ? YOU ARE THE MAIN MAN OF THE CIGAR WORLD GREAT

  4. I have a couple of these. They are simple divine.

  5. @TheVylonis If you don’t smoke cigars what gives you the right to judge
    them??? You have joined the 90% of pot smokers that are complete assholes,
    are you glad? Also smoking anything for “health benefits” is fucking
    retarded unless you have health problems, you still get tar. A vice
    shouldn’t be healthy, if you want to stay healthy don’t fuck with your
    body. The only reason I even responded in the 1st place is because I am
    sick people bitching about my habit when I cant even smoke in bars!

  6. why is it bad for a cigar to be box presed?

  7. @dukenukemthreed You obviously know nothing about Marijuana. It’s much
    safer than tobacco any day of the week. Let’s see how quick you get lung
    cancer. Marijuana is a healing drug, even though you try to sit here and
    make it look like heroin or something. You were obviously raised as and
    ignorant individual…. Enough said. You can stick to your disgusting
    cigars while I medicate, have fun with black lungs sir. It kills cancer and
    it’s on a one way track to legalization. So bite me.

  8. These are Cubans and among the best cigars in the world. The totalmente a
    mano! Not machine made! You should note that US citizens are committing a
    felony by smoking them! Soooo stupid!

  9. only in u.s

  10. @TheVylonis You insult me and my taste? You can have fun with your
    hillbilly weed garbage, I just had a Liga privada no.9 and I have a VERY
    strong nicotine rush that is still going strong after 4 hours- I ran 3
    miles and still feel a rush And excuse me for assuming you were buying
    illicitly, I live in CA and that’s how almost everyone gets their weed and
    if not dealers exploit med cards. You don’t know cigars at all but that
    doesn’t shut you up. Don’t push your shit on others, its rude.

  11. siggaarfeys hahahahahahahahahahaha

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  13. It just reduces the quality. Cigars in my opinion are supposed to be round.

  14. @666CaoCao hahaha well having cubans is illegal ecept if it for your own
    purpose if you would sell a cuban to another person and if you would get
    caught it would be just as bad if you would be sellin weed. No bullshit
    here now.

  15. @TheVylonis haha, weed is great, cigars are great, actually if you get
    fucked up before you smoke a good cigar it can be a beautiful thing, just
    be carefull with that because a nicotine overdose while high is very
    uncomfortable, weed before a nice mild aromatic pipe tobacco is pure
    heaven, its like a taste orgasm, actually if you smoke weed then smoke a
    great cigar or pipe then smoke weed again and have sex it is the best time
    you could possibly have, peace

  16. Does anybody know how much a box like that would cost at the Havana
    airport? Thanks

  17. probably Dominicans – it depends though…

  18. Fucken churchills are the shit

  19. Yes Marijuana is cancer safe but my opinion is doing it every single day
    isn’t so good for your brain either. Just like Cigars, once in a while it’s
    perfectly fine. Everything at a moderate level is rather safe. Doing it
    every single day is where you start having problems. Smoking in general is
    bad for your lungs. Our lungs were designed to inhale NOTHING but air
    inside them.

  20. Romeo and julietas smell like shit in my oppinion

  21. look man u need to enjoy it u are right! dont say in my opinion better say
    i think that they are better for me to be round

  22. @jenypollack do you ship outside the states or not, where can I find your
    price list

  23. You are a good cigar teacher, you QA the heck out of those cigars. I would
    have never notice the different only if I smoked them. Or compared like you
    have done. However, I only buy single cigars to experience the types of
    cigars. Thanks for the lesson and I am still learning. Good vibs you have

  24. has anyone ever smuggled these into the united states?

  25. taste increase of period of time

  26. Right, its not bad, its just that R y J’s are not known for a box press. I
    like them because they don’t roll away if its windy 😉

  27. i got me a romeo y julieta 1875 deluxe #2

  28. great vid man and great looking cigars. how much would one cigar or a whole
    box be and how long would it take to smoke

  29. That’s too bad. The ’06 release are the best.

  30. good is very subjective…a lot of people like cheap ones.. id say anywhere
    from $1 each all the way to $10 for a really really nice/expensive one.
    just gotta try a bunch and see what you like!

  31. ¿Por qué personas que no hablan Español dicen Romeo y Julieta? Si hablas
    Inglés solo decir Romeo and Juliet.

  32. The RyJ you get in the US are made in the DomRep. You might get so called
    Cohibas/Montechristo/Upmanns as well, but not the originals from Cuba.

  33. @dukenukemthreed Yes well when you’re dead from lung cancer and I’m still
    kicking i’ll be sure to come to your plot light one up and take a nice piss
    on your grave. You can’t even come close to calling herb garbage when
    you’re smoking tobacco. The only reason you don’t have a problem with
    cigars and you do with marijuana is because you contribute to the ignorance
    that the government wants. Plus it legal….. You’re also right I don’t
    know cigars because I’m not stupid enough to smoke them.

  34. Just bought the remainder of a box of Churchill en Tubos and I was very
    satisfied. Looking forward to enjoying the last one.

  35. Hey Cigar Bunch, i have really enjoyed watching your reviews over the past
    few months, and i decided to set up my own blog, perhaps you would be able
    to have a look? you can find the links in the video i posted, Kind Regards
    Cigar Chap

  36. @satansmask It isn’t, its just part of how the cigars are packed. If they
    aren’t normally box pressed yet they just appear it in a box you bought
    it’s possible they are fake as the factory don’t pack them that tightly.

  37. @TheVylonis I don’t know whats worse, the fact that you are advocating
    illegal narcotics, the fact that you are advocating the weakest illegal
    narcotics or the fact that you have nothing better to do than to try this
    in the comment section of a CIGAR video. This is your brain on drugs…

  38. @VitoCorlione85 yeah cohiba are one of the best i smoke it with a good
    whiskey 😀 romeo and julieta i didnt like so much.

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