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Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada Prominente Tube Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada Prominente Tube Cigar Review This 6×54 stick features a dark tan lightly packed slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins, …

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  1. About 30% if my Cigars are none cubans and tbh they can hold their own
    against Cuban Cigars.

  2. Tried these last week. Nothing special about them, at least not to me.
    Won’t buy them again.

  3. We all know that wasn’t the first take.

  4. Thanks,will try that.

  5. Great job as always

  6. Thank you sir for the review. I will try it soon.

  7. When storing tubed cigars should you leave them in the tube?

  8. Tbh bud alit of US cigar smokers have such a choice of good quality non
    cuban cigars to choose from I do not think they are that fussed about it.

  9. It’s the little bumps you see on the wrapper, just little pockets of oil.

  10. Now dat dere is a name

  11. **Of**

  12. I am sorry for you US guys because you cannot smoke real cuban RyJ legally.

  13. hello Bryan. Could you explain please what is “toothy wrapper”?

  14. If you look at the wrapper at 0:31 you can see the little bumps like
    GreenPosiden talked about

  15. I take it this is not the cuban R&J as the i’ve never seen them with a gold
    band (its normally red) and the limited edition band will have the year it
    came out, never the less always enjoy the reviews and do like to try the
    non cuban stuff whenever i can get my hand on it.

  16. thank you =) that’s what i thought

  17. Haha “wow what a name”

  18. in the close up picture of the cigar, you can see tiny dots stickin out of
    the wrapper that is the “tooth”. you can also feel them when handeling a

  19. Hey Bryan, your Spanish pronunciation is always pretty good, do you speak
    any? 🙂

  20. Nice review.

  21. May be because they didnt try good Havana. 🙂

  22. There are good non cuban cigars. I also smoke Nicaraguan, Brasil, Honduran
    cigars. But for my personal taste cuban tobacco is best tobacco.

  23. I really enjoy Romeo y Julieta cigars, usually simple and mild, but always

  24. try leaving the cap open when storing or just take it out of the tube that
    helps me with my tubos

  25. I find the ones in the white tube the 1,2@3s very hard to draw on.Any ideas?

  26. More Videos Of Italian Cigars Please

  27. I have 2 Humidors, 1 set up with a 72% RH and the second is setup with a
    65% RH. I take out a few cigars that i would like to smoke for the week and
    put them in my second humidor just to dry up a tiny bit and that always

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