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ROMEO Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Romeo cigar, the fuller bodied follow up by Altadis to the Romeo & Julieta (non-Cuban) featuring a dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican Olor binder and “specially” selected Dominican pilot and Olor filler.



  1. Do you find that lancero style sticks are becoming hard to find in your area? Here in North Florida I have noticed they are few and far between and when I do see them they seem to be overpriced. Are the phasing them out or are they just more difficult to make so less people make them? Was in Daytona beach this afternoon and Tobacco Exotica only had three different cigars in the entire selection. Beautiful store if you ever get the chance but was surprised to see minimal lancero or smaller ring gages. Maybe online shopping is the way to go with those.

  2. Hey Delicia, Not every cigar is an enjoyable smoke for me. I have smoked many sticks that were total disappointments for me, and I appreciate and trust your thoughts on the ROMEO cigar. Yep, everyone has a different taste, and to each his / her own. Thanks for your honest review. May your next smoke be a fantastic and enjoyable one! Happy Smokes. Bones(SGB)

  3. i bought a few of those the other day, and i got a box of CAO amazon basin at the same time.

  4. amazing review! thanks for the honesty. i've been a bit worried in the past since you hardly ever "rate" or compare the cigars or mention things you are disappointed about. nice change!

    as a European I wouldn't want to buy a "cuban cigar" that isn't from cuba anyway^^

  5. I'll echo the sentiment: thanks for the honest review. Makes me respect your channel even more.

  6. sounds like what I call bitter twang southern phrase lol when I come across it I trash it yuck

  7. Good review I'm not a fan of Romeo and Juliet either just too many better cigars for the price

  8. I've been 'V' cutting for awhile too, since end of Summer, even started doing a double 'V'

  9. Hi CigarVixen , Your facial expressions said it all you didn't like it , your honest , Thanks and better luck with the next one . Take care , Mike

  10. Your honesty is admirable, if not refreshing. I first tried this cigar in the factory at Tabacalera de Garcia, I didn't bother to smoke it down. The decent combustion was the only highlight. Thank you for the forthright review.

  11. What WAS your first Cigar, Delicia?

  12. Guys and Gals…it's okay! This cigar sucks

  13. Phew! I thought it was just me. Not a fan of the new Romeo cigars. I do however still enjoy the Romeo y Julieta 1875 and Reserve.

  14. Great honest review! Not that I'm looking for negative things. It's just nice to hear honesty. Thank you!

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