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Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Churchill Cigar Review This 7×48 cigar features a firm, very oily light tan wrapper with a bit of tooth and a very contrasty look. I…


  1. @scottster121 Care to elaborate? Nothing that I see.

  2. @mindsmirror thank you very much for your insight. I’ll remember that and
    look for them the next time I go cigar shopping.

  3. Smoked one myself 2 weeks ago and I noticed the same tastes you did Bryan.
    So I was curious which vintage 1999 did you like better this one or the
    robusto? Or was there much of a difference?

  4. new to cigars. why is the ash important? like if it holds on or not and

  5. @MajorMontana I know you didn’t ask me, but just to provide you with
    another data point I will suggest trying the perfecto and the robusto. As a
    matter of personal preference, I like the robusto better than the churchill
    and the perfecto better than both of them. The Vintage 1999 is one cigar
    where I truly find that the perfecto shape offers something in terms of
    flavor, complexity and smoke output beyond that of the other vitolas. You
    might want to try the petite corona as well.

  6. Should you usually leave the ash on the tip or knock it off when there is
    too much? Love the videos!

  7. Hey buddy, I’m a young cigar enthusiast who is really starting to get into
    the the cigar world. I noticed you also did a review on the robusto in this
    cigar for review. Just one question and opinion I wanted to ask. That is,
    is there really any big flavor differences from the Churchill and robusto?
    You said there’s mainly wood in this but you described leather and oak in
    the robusto as well. Are they also present in the Churchill but just not as
    noticeable? Thanks man!

  8. @cigarobsession at about 47 seconds you like lick the lighter or something
    like that

  9. @cigarobsession I believe he meant when the ash dropped off at 2:40

  10. @zunedog31 Typically, on a larger ring gagued cigar (fatter), the cigar
    tends to burn cooler and leaving the ash on helps to insulate the heat so
    that it doesn’t burn out to easily and you can keep the smoke relatively
    cool without hotboxing it. It also helps to keep the burn line even in the
    same manor. White ash means the tobacco leaf has grown in good soil and has
    absorbed more nutrients.

  11. Bryan, I’m a novice cigar smoker, and I have to say that I really enjoy
    your videos. I’m progressing my way through the brands, and I always look
    to your reviews to decide what to do next!

  12. What cheap stick would you recommend for a first smoke? or would a nicer
    one be better?

  13. @MajorMontana When I first try a new blend, I always get a robusto or
    petite robusto if at all possible. Then I try to get it in a corona or
    petite corona size. I think the robusto and corona formats really give you
    a good idea of what a blend is like, especially if you are consistent in
    this practice of always getting a robusto and/or corona initially. I like
    coronas in particular because I find them to be fuller flavored than larger
    ring gauges and I get more of the wrapper flavor (Usually).

  14. @borderlandsfan14 i did too haha

  15. To me the Perfecto smokes better than any other vitola with the Rocky Patel
    Vintage 1999 blend. I know you don’t tend to like figurados, but with the
    Vintage 1999 I find that particular vitola provides the best experience for
    me. I guess it’s just that I find the Vintage 1999 Perfectos I’ve had put
    out more flavor and smoke than the churchill, torpedo or robusto. It’s
    worth noting that I haven’t had the petite corona yet (I’d imagine it’s
    quite good though).

  16. you’re the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @fivestarlesson Nicer doesn’t mean expensive. What is nice for you is
    relative to your tastes. When I started off, I was smoking Romeo y Juliets
    (not a personal favorite) and Macanudo’s. Montecristo’s, La Gloria Cubana’s
    are a go-to for me as well as the Oliva’s, in particular the G for a medium
    body or the Connecticut for a lighter smoke. I work at a cigar shop and
    hate selling people bad, expensive cigars when I can sell them a cheap,
    flavorful cigar that I know many like.

  18. @MajorMontana In this particular case with the Vintage 1999, I can tell you
    for sure that the perfecto is a very tasty cigar. The robusto is also good
    but the smoke and flavor were just a hair less concentrated from what I
    recall (Not that it’s airy by any means, the smoke is just less dense than
    the perfecto). My preference goes to the perfecto but all of the Vintage
    ’99 vitolas I’ve had were good. Now, I have not tried the petite corona
    yet, but I will soon and I imagine it’s quite good.

  19. @fivestarlesson rocky patel’s are great for beginners with so many verity
    and great pricing

  20. Tried my first Churchill and was quite impressed with the cigar. Love your
    videos keep up the great work.

  21. wth happened at 0:45 sec

  22. I had one of these a few days ago after having a bunch of NCs shipped to
    england it was pretty good nothing amazing just what you said quite smooth
    and creamy with wood and nuts i found no real sweetness though. I would
    rate this as a good morning smoke over my usual H.Upmann connie 1 though i
    think ill take the robusto over the churchill.

  23. at 0:40 i thought my laptop was on low battery

  24. A long ash column usually allows you to smoke the cigar slower, because the
    ash helps keep the cigar lit. That said, noone likes getting ashes on their
    shirt front, so generally 1 or 1 and 1/8 inches is about time to knock em’

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