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Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Waiting on a 5 pack of these in Robusto. Going to give them 2-4 weeks to
    settle after their journey. Every review rates the RP 1990 highly so it
    should be a good cigar.

  2. great job brother thanks for the review.

  3. Nice plaid fez

  4. @toweronepower There are plenty of other good makers… it’s just a taboo /
    their renoun that people want Cubans, like when Russian vodka was banned
    everyone wanted to have it; now people buy other vodkas despite Russias
    renoun for it.

  5. your comment about the hat made me crack up lol Im the same way, I like
    love old school lookin fedoras

  6. may i suggest the hemmingway short story by arturo fuente? i’d love to see
    you review it 🙂

  7. @lemonlimelukey he wont because hehas a brain and he can use it

  8. You sound just like Jack Black… o.o

  9. Do you drink anything while enjoying the smoke and if you do, what do you

  10. I love this dude’s reviews. He doesnt take himself to seriously which is
    great and he is hilarious. Well done man

  11. Hey Dan….I like your approach in the way you do your reviews. Thank you
    especially for this review which convinced me to pick up a RP Vintage 1990
    lastnight and it was the tastiest cigar I’ve ever had!!!

  12. I used to smoke these, now they are too expensive at my local B&M. They
    don’t stock the robusto sizes anymore. Now I smoke Olivas and they are
    still wonderful. But the Patel Vintage definitely feels like a step up

  13. hey i like your viedos keep em comming anyway about the hat hay man water
    ever floats your boat its not that ugly lol……anyway im a huge huge
    cigar collector if you want ill take pics and youll freak on my collection
    i have every cuban u cvan think of even the rare regonal ones and vintage
    cubans ad all the very very rare cigars we get here in the states anyway
    mail me back asap and let me know maybe we can trade and trade cigar
    collection pics

  14. you remind me of jack black!

  15. im a big fan of the 1992 vintage

  16. why do you reminde me of Jack Black ! Hahah

  17. are cigars worth the money

  18. it wasn’t actually made in 1990 it has a 12 year old wrapper and a 5 year
    old filler and binder, still a good well aged cigar.

  19. Dan…have you had a chance to try the RP Fusion? I am a big fan of the
    Vintage 90…it’s actually my go-to cigar. I hear mixed reviews on the
    Fusion and wanted to get your view if you’ve tried one. Cheers!

  20. Omg, love your vids! Um this is kinda awkward but I’m only thirteen but I
    love cigars. Um I’m working on quiting well actually I’m gonna quit until
    I’m of age, you know. I usually smoke swisher sweets and romeo y julietas.
    Also you remind me of Jack black.

  21. dan you are the best. I love your reviews, and enjoy your humour. You are
    an affcionado!

  22. @WillowRib no it wont really do any damage.

  23. Thanks! I like Cigars and Humor so it works out pretty good 😉 Glad you
    enjoy the reviews.

  24. I’ve smoked numerous cubans and I’ll take a RP vintage over one anyday.
    Just because you can’t buy one doesn’t make it better.

  25. I loved the intro and the hat

  26. I actually like your hat bro.. and I have the r.p. vintage 1990 sittin in
    my Humidor now,

  27. @loopba lucky you lol

  28. My mom is a cigar wuss

  29. Im new to cigars and i dont know which to pick. Im 22 and i live in Milan
    at the moment, so preferably and italian cigar, since it will be easier to
    get. If not italian, it has to be a pretty popular cigar. Thanks!

  30. It is funny America says it is the free world buy your government wont even
    let you buy cuban stuff, so you have to somke some second rate cigars.

  31. 1.25 smells like the pussy of my grandma…..i am jooking…NICE REVIEW!

  32. totes my goats

  33. “Excellent one by Rocky” ??? uh… that’s Mr. Patel to you!

  34. can anyone tell me if a cigar or two per month will hurt me??

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