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Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro Cigar Review This 6×52 stick features a dark chocolate very oily slick smooth wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams,…


  1. I feel like this cigars out puts a lot of smoke or is it just the sun that
    makes it look like a lot ?

  2. Each new video a another new lighter….

  3. Giveaways and lotteries are ok if you live in the US, some of us do

  4. Haha the band struggles.

  5. Pity about the current state of YTube etc. Good review as per usual and I
    like your site, pity us dirty limey’s cannot do the Lottery draws lol. Only
    kidding seeing I have found a back door for NC through a company and find
    your review’s very helpful in selecting NC sampler’s.Building another one
    for my Xmas treat to me :).

  6. Awesome

  7. Excellent cigar….!!!

  8. amen to the comment rant brother.

  9. Enjoying the Alec Bradley Black Market Perfecto right now. Good smoke, very
    long; 2h30min now :p

  10. Nice review, might give one of these a try. 

  11. Haven’t had one of these..,like the black coffee profile though , maybe
    will stumble across one. Glad your back, colds are no fun when trying to
    savor good cigars and good food!

  12. I wish Rocky Patel still made these, they were one of my favorites from
    him. Famous Smoke used to have a small stock of them, but they are out of
    them also now. I agree with the comments. One thing that ticked me off in
    particular is I couldn’t keep my user name, and I had to change it to my
    real name. I’ve seen several video makers removing comment sections due to
    the change also.

  13. Screw these comments. Keep the videos coming they’re great.

  14. Why does every cigar I buy smell like cow shit to me? Must be an acquired

  15. Good review Sir

  16. Hey Byan, why don’t you start a forum at and post the
    videos there, so we can have all the discussions there… just an idea. +

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