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Rocky Patel Decade Short Review & Weekend Update

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP In this video I’m enjoying The RP Decade. It’s a great smoke and much has been said about it so I won’t get too in depth …

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  1. 14 Bucks SMH, and the deep earthy flavor lasted entirely too long. I was
    only able to locate the small frames of coffee flavor twice throughout the
    duration of an hour and some change of chiefing this bad boy. I’m not
    afraid to admit I was very much disappointed, however, I really have a
    stronger sense of my flavor profile. Never the less great review….

  2. Thank you- and yes, travel is something I enjoy greatly as well. Funny you
    should mention it on this post, just made some recent plans but will be
    announcing them on the blog soon 😉 xx

  3. I never knew there wheree poeple that rate cigars like good wines…this is
    far out.

  4. Teresa, I wanted to ask you if it is possible for you to explain to things
    for those of us who smoke, but don´t know all the information surrounding
    cigars and cigar events. For example, what do the letters IPCPR stand for?
    Can you get an annual list of cigar exhibitions by city, state, date, and
    time and make a video about these two topics?

  5. not a single one of your video did you actually smoked any cigar you just
    suck em and let it out

  6. Info can be found on the site, I like to focus more on the lifestyle and
    attitude that comes with a cigar… so many reviews are available and I
    like to bring my own perspective in as a female. Cigars are a great part of
    my life, much like my style, food, and wine. And for me I think a night at
    the ballet followed by a fine cigar is beautiful.

  7. that cigar is bigger than

  8. Wow! what a fantastic and informative review – you are really good at this!

  9. It’s great yeah!? When I first discovered that the point of smoking cigars
    was for flavour then – That is something to think about. Been smoking them
    for 4 years since. They only get better.

  10. I like your personality that comes through with the video, it adds
    tremendous gravitas, a human dimension. Very enjoyable to listen to your
    impressions on your life, and your cigar!

  11. She can smoke with me anytime!!!

  12. a great cigar

  13. The Decades are so so to me. Overpriced in my opinion

  14. @jakeisdead uhh thats actually how u smoke it…..if u inhale u will pretty
    much cough ur fucking brains out

  15. I agree with you Teresa! Lifestyle is why I like your videos. In addition
    to fine wine, food and cigars I also enjoy travel. Do you?

  16. Dear Smoking Hot Cigar Chick or Teresa im about to try my first cigar i
    dont smoke but always been interested in trying my first cigar are they any
    brands you can remember

  17. The RP Decade is one of Rocky’s best blends…try his ITC 10th
    Anniversary…it’s very flavorful and not overpowering.

  18. like the video quality, but need more info on the cigar if it is going to
    be a review and less about events like describing the ballet.

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