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Robert McConnell’s Red Virginia pipe tobacco review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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PIPE TOBACCO REVIEW Pipe smoking pipe tobacco pipe smoking : This was one of the tobaccos recommended in dubinthedam’s wonderful series of tobacco videos. I …

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  1. @edwardgracy I probably depends on the virginia, I’m no expert on virginias
    though. I’ve never had the SVH. Sounds nice.

  2. Aye,, I spy the Black pearl a sailin’.

  3. Nice to get the old memory lane story. My grandparents had a farm too,
    Erinmore always reminds me of my granma’s homemade fruitcakes. I’d say
    Scottish Cake is more of a traditional Va/per from McConnells. Equally
    hayish from the Va and a little spiciness from the perq.

  4. I think I’ve tried it only once, so I don’t have a well formed opinion of
    it as yet.

  5. I do tend to be a bit of a pack rat!

  6. Kel , i love that stuff . Scottish Cake also . They are my favorites .
    Thanks , God bless , michael

  7. My last name is also McConnell 🙂

  8. Nice review. I have also followed Dub’s recommendation and I have a few on
    order from 4Noggins

  9. I’ve had a tin of this in my cupboard for the better part of a decade. You
    really tempt me to open it! I am a habitual Virginia-&-Périque smoker, yet
    I didn’t know there was Périque in this one. Thanks for the fine video.

  10. Robert McConnell’s is a great tobacco house,,i tried there oriental and
    scotish mixtures and they r a must to b tried i admitt fully english to
    whom is willing to roam tht area,,great review mate cheers ahmad

  11. I’m a virginian and I eat other virginians and they are very sweet. Hahaha

  12. You are very welcome Sir, more to come.

  13. @GasperHart Yup, that’s the one!

  14. I was looking at McConnals Scottish cake online last night and I think one
    of these days when I make another order I will try that one.

  15. @GasperHart Howdy, I am no expert on vapers but as I understand it, it’s a
    virginia blend with some perique mixed in. I would recommend trying some
    Escudo for a vapor, I just had my first, very interesting. Cheers, Kel

  16. I’m glad you enjoyed my little attempt at humor, I hope nobody is offended
    by it. I had a much longer version that would have offended everyone, but I
    decieded to go with a bit tamer version. I’m actually of english, irish and
    native american ancestry myself.

  17. i do like virginia, so i hope to get to the mcdonnels red, given your
    recommendation, SRDP. you might like peterson’s sherlock holmes – “an old
    19th century blend of orange and red smoking leaf, brazilian burley and
    virginia mysore indian tobacco. a great morning blend, imnsho …

  18. @metropolismodern I was just thinking the other day, I haven’t had any of
    this for a long time, I’ll have to break some out and try it again. Cheers,

  19. I haven’t. I’m not sure if I have any left or if it’s cellared somewhere,
    I’ll have to go look.

  20. I was recently sent this tobacco as a gift from a very nice eBay seller
    that I had purchased a pipe from. I was a little hesitant at first, since I
    have never smoked any tobacco that didn’t come in a bag, lol. From the
    description on the back, I really thought this was going to be some
    superman manly, viking type hardcore harsh tobacco. I have to say, though,
    that I found myself absolutely loving it & I will buy it again.

  21. Great review. I have quick question. Are Virginia’s more in the “sweet”
    category and have your ever tried or heard of Sweet Vanilla Honeydew and if
    so what do you think of it? Regards.

  22. Thank you Sir!

  23. Hi, Have you had any Red Virginia tobacco latly? I just ordered Robert
    McConnell Special London Mature & Robert McConnell’s Red Virginia pipe I
    looking forward to both.

  24. Interesting info, thank you!

  25. Thanks for the review and the family memories. Never smoked this
    blend.Sounds interesting.

  26. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  27. @tripledude09 A fine old Scottish name!

  28. Another intresting review. thanks!!

  29. Hi. I have been enjoying your programmes! Regarding the graphic on the Red
    Virginia, the following is an extract from “Weber’s guide to pipe’s and
    pipe smoking” . Virginia tobacco has been cultivated in Virginia ever since
    colonist John Rolfe, husband of the Indian princess Pocahontas, first
    planted the seed there in1612. This might explain the picture on the tin.
    If you have not already read the book it is worth a read. Thank again.

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