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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I just received my pouch of Velvet from Pipes and Cigars the other day. Last night I half filled my new cob I got also. I felt I would like this blend since I like Carter Hall. Yes indeed I was right. I got a very nice half hour of Velvet pleasure with no bite and great smooth taste. This has a great pouch note and I am guessing room note. I can never tell when I smoking what the room note is. I will go to a burly when I want a break from an English blend. I can't wait for the next bowl……Great review sir…..

  2. I am going to be ordering some of this soon. I am very new to pipe smoking but I have found that I def like more tobacco taste than aromatic. I just tried half and half a few days ago and it's great. Can't wait to try this stuff! Thank you for the reviews.

  3. I don't get it I reviewed this with 3 different people and they said it was smooth but I get tongue bite from this I'm used to smoking Prince Albert and I wanted to try this not for me again

  4. How do you like Granger? or have you even tried it? thanks!

  5. I'll go and watch Artful Codger after I leave this comment. I think I've told you before that I'm not much of a burly fan but I got a sample of Velvet some years ago from someone, I wish I could remember who. I remember I put this "stuff" into a cob and was completely blown away by how smooth it was. From this experience I wanted to try all those old time OTC's. I love them all. Granger not so much but the ones you mentioned here are like a OTC holy trinity. I'm going to have to finally do my own review maybe as a VR to this video. Well done John. Cheers.

    Ps. Yes I'm catching up on your videos. I've been gone awhile.

  6. So my tin of velvet arrived, have to say am enjoying this one. I get a taste of butternut and brown sugar. Thanks for the velvet review. Cheers!!!

  7. My grandfather used to roll cigs with it. It's my new go to pipe smoke. I see now why he loved it!!

  8. Back when I lived in Missouri, I found out a guy I worked with smoked a pipe and he brought in his only tobacco. A big clamp lid jar of velvet! hahahha

  9. how often/much do you smoke your pipe?

  10. found pouch of it I'v had for 2 years I'll give it try

  11. I'll have to remember to add an oz to my basket next order I make online. Good thing is, I'm sure this makes the cutoff date of the FDA deeming regs? So…should be around for the time being!

  12. Loved that video! by the Artful Codger …Tried a half bowl of it Montana. It was smooth…. Not quite decided on it. Paid more attention to Mixture 79. Really enjoyed your take on it I will have a few bowls next visit to Montana. Take care

  13. Another great review, John!

  14. Yet another to add to my list! Love all the history of the old blends. Like so many other things, seems like pipe smoking was much simpler and straight forward back then. Less variety yet the quality was certainly there.

  15. Velvet a aeromatic? Sounds good, may have to get some. On my second pouch of Sir Walter Raleigh , like very much!!!! Cheers!!!

  16. Another great review… it seems as I have to try this blend 😉

    Have a great weekend my friend,

  17. Great review. I watched Codgers video as well, then I purchased a pouch. Now I am ordering a Jug of it. This tobacco is wonderful. I love the taste of it and as you mentioned long burn and no bite. I picked up a hint of raisins and licorice along with the earthly nutty hints.

  18. Great review John, I am going to have to pick some up to try it. I have been in Antique stores before and seen old Velvet tobacco tins for sale. I didn't realize it was still around, that is great. Have a great weekend. -Clayton

  19. hey john that's what my grandpa smoked all his life I can smell that in my head today yet my father smoked half and half all his life to the day he died I smoke it to this day well thanks for another great video ,,,,,,jim

  20. I'm gonna have to try velvet soon

  21. shut up and take my money. I'm sold on it!

  22. I remember Velvet when I was a kid. Now I have to try some. Thanks for the review Matches.

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