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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Review of Toker Poker the Multi Tool Lighter Sleeve

Posted by in Lighter Review

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I’d like to introduce you to your new fave stoner tool, the Toker Poker, it’s a lighter sleeve multi tool! Pack bowls, poke bowls, and burn bowls with this handy product. Watch the video to learn more and see it in use

Buy one for $7.95 at

I received mine in May’s Hemper Box, if you’re looking for a rad stoner subscription box one at


  1. Very thorough review, awesome! I'm sold! And subscribed haha, gonna binge watch more of your channel soon 🙂

  2. "(I have) little lady hands so this sleeve is a little bit bulky for me…" *Then proceeds to pull out a super huge bowl*
    Lol… #Irony

  3. She pronounced herb won't… 😂

  4. I hate that you say pokey tool haha

  5. So you don't taste your lighter fluid…

  6. You sound like Sadie from Steven Universe <3

  7. do you have a link on where to buy the pipe?

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