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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Review: Humboldt Hemp Wick Lighter Dispenser Holder

Posted by in Lighter Review

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U seen em’, U Love em’….Humboldt Hemp-wick Lighter Dispensers! Affordable little toys 4 u to keep your Hemp Wick burning..Love em! Nice little grass roots …

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  1. I don’t like ital hemp wick. I just started using Humboldt hempwick and I
    dig it. Ital seemed to give off a taste, and the hemp wick was very dark.
    The humboldt is very light colored and doesn’t seem to give off any taste.
    Good shit.

  2. Real deal

  3. are you going to HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup? I hope it’s as fun as the
    Kush Expo was.

  4. Nice I didn’t even get a chance to see the dispensers those are sweet!!
    Thanks for the mini review, keep it boss!

  5. yeah you gotta mix up ur methods of smokin

  6. any good pen herbal vapes u reconmend

  7. Nice thanks man, i’m still looking into it, i must admit it’s not my field
    of expertise….Cheers

  8. Been watching your vids for a while and was wondering what vape you could
    suggest. Im looking for a portable vape that can vape bud and oil/wax.
    Vaping oil/wax is more important than bud for me but both would be nice. I
    already own a Gpen and i hate having to buy a new cart every month so no
    pen vapes. The PAX looks great but could i only pack wax? a video showing
    you smoke wax from it would be awesome but if it cant please throw me some
    other suggestions

  9. Bee Lasso man

  10. The ‘Hemp Twine’ I used in my Hemp Wick Review isn’t that good. I don’t
    like all the smoldering. it’s the one on the left.

  11. Yes, and my thoughts exactly

  12. humboldt rules!

  13. isnt that b laso made in china? it seemed just like the chinese wicks

  14. Marijuana leads to crack.

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