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Review: Cornell & Diehl “Star of the East” Flake

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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The flake form of a MUCH requested and much celebrated blend. But does it taste like Esoterica Penzance?
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From the tin: “One half Cyprian Latakia with a generous portion of Izmir and sweetened with stoved red Virginia.”

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  1. Thanks, Bradley! I finally saw ads during one of your videos. I hope this means you are being compensated somewhat for another quality contribution to tobacco hobbyists.

  2. I had the bulk ribbon a few years ago, it was terrible. Tobacco quality was not good, no taste whatsoever. I returned the rest to the earth. My opinion stay far away from bulk.

  3. It’s a very good blend! But I would say nothing like Penzance. Awesome review!

  4. Have you had a Durango cigar. It's made with cigar and pipe tobacco leaf. Professionally hand rolled and they are aged with different things.

  5. Have you ever tried folding your flakes rather than rubbing them out? I'll take 2 flakes and fold them over and then roll them into a plug between my thumb and fingers and pop it in my pipe. Generally speaking, I find it makes my flakes smoke cooler and I don't over rub the tobacco then.

  6. Great review. Have a tin on the way. Looking forward to trying this soon. Thanks again.

  7. Please review and compare the bulk version.

  8. Excellent review Bradley. Thanks a lot.

  9. I have had this blend for a week now. It's nice but too much work and mess rubbing it out. It's no 965 ! I taste more Latakia then any thing else. so it's kind of boring for me

  10. Terrific review, thanks!

    If you want a more consistent burn with fewer relights, my routine of gently rubbing it out…and that means gently …yields a nice load of coarse ribbon-ish tobacco with, as mentioned, a portion of mostly Latakia dust. I find that letting it breathe and dry for 20-30 minutes really improves its behavior and burn consistency. Take a couple of seconds to separate the ribbons from the dust, load the ribbon first in 2-3 layers, gently tamp, and sprinkle the dust on top. The dust acts beautifully as kindling, and gives a nice flavor burst on the charring light. For me, it burns nicely down to a pinch of that hard, latticelike dottle. I don't feel like I'm wasting anything when I loosen and discard it; I think all the flavor has been enjoyed by then.

    I still say that back aroma/flavor is strongly reminiscent of the incense and old burned candle wax of a cathedral, not the creosote-like sense that I have enjoyed in other blends. I notice it especially in the retrohale, which SOTEF excels in. Whatever your palate tells you is the important thing, anyway. I do really really like this pipe-weed.

    BTW, in my reading up on the blend, the consensus seems to be that aging just doesn't have much of an effect on the flavor. I did grab a half-pound tin to squirrel away, but that's mainly because I like having an ample supply on hand. I guess I'll see at some point down the road if the many smokers' view that aging doesn't matter holds true for me.

  11. Bradley you seem to be turning yellow my friend…. some thing up with the lighting?

  12. This is a great blend, flake and ribbon cut alike. I smoke this when Nightcap is too heavy.

  13. Why keep comparing reviewed tabacco to "Esoterica's Penzance has become an elusive legend within the pipe community. ", that most of us will never enjoy?

  14. Very nice Bradley excellent job on the full review. I'm gonna get a tin and try it out thanks Bradley you always give. Great review on the tobacco blends 😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 best regards peter.

  15. Enjoyed your review. Bradley level. You are still the only one who does it this way and this good. Thanks for sharing your experiace. Stay well, Janez

  16. I think I was one of the thousands that requested a review. Thanks. It was awesome as always. I love this tobacco I too.. also quiet knights. But I was disappointed by Penzance. I do like quiet nights more then SOTE.

  17. I'll reconsider watching this review again minus, the commercial ad. 🎩✔ – However, Great Review ✔🎩🌳 (Latikia) BQ hickory Smokey? Best smoked in a dark soul's temple. 🌆🌇

  18. I’ve had a tin of Star of The East ribbon cut for a year now, I look forward to popping it.

  19. Bro so glad you tried it I also have a problem getting down to the bowl with this one takes a lot of relights

  20. I've heard it is like a slightly less flavoursome version of quiet nights which is supposed to be like a slightly less flavoursome Penzance

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