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Restoring Cigars Update

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Got the Humidor Re-humidified.. now just waiting another day before I re-enter the cigars.


  1. @TheBaccyButcher i salt tested the one i’m using now from my other
    humidor… my friend has another one that is digital i just need a new
    battery i’m going to worry about the one built in unless i really need
    it..i hope i never see a cigar beetle either… EVER!

  2. Wish I could give you advice buy I know nothing about cigars. Good luck man.

  3. @nickandhispipe lol thanks man

  4. did you do a salt test on the hygrometer? it probably works, just needs
    calibrating. Put regular table salt in a soda bottle cap, and moisten it
    with water. put that in a ziplock bag along with the hygrometer for like 8
    hours. If the hygrometer works, it should read 75%. If it doesnt, you put a
    screwdriver in the back, and adjust the needle until it says 75%. That
    gives you a perfect reference point. Cigar beetles do exist. i have never
    seen one..hope i don’t

  5. @truckpipe thanks for watching.. i will be uploading a new video soon on me
    putting the cigars back in… hopefully this will all work out cause i
    could use a couple free cigars ha!

  6. thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you already knew not to wet it too much.
    Several good videos on checking the hygrometer. Ryan is right, salt test is
    a good idea, just in case. Tobacco beetles are suppose to not hatch unless
    they get higher moisture. I have seen some damaged cigars, thankfully not
    mine! lol thanks, gregg

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