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Reiner Blend 71 Long Golden Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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I fly off the rails for this tobacco, one of my favorites.

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  1. You're reviews are perf… Aaa, who am I kidding? Let's be honest here. Your reviews are among the worst of the greatest reviews of all time! Haha… Keep the ball rolling and the Virginias burning!

  2. You sir……are batshit crazy!!! Keep up the good job, love your videos!


  4. Try to be less serious and have some fun for crying out loud!

  5. I would like to see more specifics like so I can get a better idea of the blend. I love your sense of humor too. That said I'd like an idea of what the blend might be like.

  6. Do you have more than one smoke in a meer in a day? It is interesting to see what you change in the background lol

  7. Vicious, barely intelligible, ranting comment.

  8. Love this blend and the review👌🏻

  9. I only watch your video's to see what time it is.

  10. Is this similar to Orlik Golden Slice?

  11. I would say to skip most of the Solani tobaccos. The only excellent one is White & Black.

  12. Dog's getting riled up. Solo mosh for the win.

  13. I want to know how many damn weeks that rack of mason jars will be left to sit on the table behind you.  It's a travesty.

  14. I don't know if I come here for the tobacco reviews anymore or just the laughs.

  15. I like your reviews but you could say something more about the tases perhaps in comparison to other widley known blends. But I just go with it most of the time cause I love RED VIRGINIAS just like you

  16. Great video and good colourful humor as always, I think 7-15 min is appropriate time for brief tobacco review and this very tobacco goes into my next order, and this get even better when I can find This Reiner here in Eu market,its a german stuff, Thank You, and Greets, Paul

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