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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. you look like a boss in the mirror man…i honestly think you should do
    videos farther away. like its a 100% improvement. really. im requesting it.
    gives way better perspective.

  2. SEE – that’s what I heard ALL WEEK! argh!

  3. Thanks for all the updates. I enjoyed every one. Cheers, ~Hilman

  4. Next time get away from the strip it’s a different place away from the
    pit.Vegas is where old washed up talent come to die…. I mean perform and
    make bank.Y’all come back now,ya here! (we need your cash..LOL)

  5. i try to eat at peppermil everytime i go to vegas. they the the best fluffy

  6. should have made the update from inside Peppermills.

  7. you are getting so up yourself .

  8. Good to see what you really look like. But, and I only say this after years
    of extensive training, next time put the lid down!

  9. In n Out!!!

  10. Ok but it just reminded me of something I hadn’t thought of in a long time.
    What is still kooky is this is something that was created by a Duke
    University doctor that is still going on since 1939

  11. That’s a great taco place. We have one in San Diego. Hopefully you can
    check it out mext time you’re in Vegas. I’ve enjoyed your trade show vids
    so far. Looking foward seeing your upcoming uploads

  12. That’s the new shirt LOL

  13. As I was watching and enjoying a cigar with this video, an ash fell in my
    lap lol, go figure hahaha. I still can’t believe the amount of cigars you
    were given during your stay. Can’t wait for the rest of your videos to be

  14. Planet Hollywood Captn crunch fried chicken..OMG good!

  15. Yeah I live in merced ca and the same is true over here with the ricer
    croud, however the craze right now is that god awful hella flush crap with
    the crazy wheel cambers…

  16. HOLY SHIT!, you look so much better in the mirror:)))

  17. lol never heard of such a thing! No I mean drivers of Rice-rockets 😉

  18. Hi Bryan, it was great to watch IPCPR tour with you. Best regards from
    polish Aficionados

  19. “That’s what you call a professional.” lol. You look the same to me in the
    mirror as you do regularly. Maybe I’m not advanced in the video arts enough
    to notice the difference. My wife and I would love to walk around in the
    relative peace and quiet of that time of morning. Great video

  20. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t notice any difference :p

  21. I grew up in Durham NC so when you said RICER I thought you were talking
    about the Rice Diet. Rich fat people from all over the US used to come to
    the Rice House in Durham NC to be forced to eat only a cup of rice 3 times
    a day. I just googled it and it is still going on with a website and
    everything. We always thought it was kinda nutty. People spending money on
    something they could do themselves at home.

  22. #selfie

  23. Thanks for giving us your all…. Can’t wait for the new cigar booth and
    review video’s! ☺

  24. Great video camera work. Nice framing and comments about the reverse golden
    hour. Thanks for the great show coverage.

  25. The ricer phase! LOL

  26. You said you wanted to eat local…Well Peppermills IS local, one of the
    best diners for sure. I went at 7am and the waitresses wore traditional
    uniforms, and the omelet was awesome. I think you missed out on that one.
    It’s Vegas baby!!! You gotta let your hair down (so to speak).

  27. Tacos el gordo is the spot , the original is in Tijuana …best tacos
    around this side of the border

  28. Peppermill is legendary!! All us SoCal guys (at least in my circle) hit it

  29. Hi, I’m Bryan Whatnot, from cigar obsession…

  30. “Professionals”, also known as “ladies of the night”, among many other

  31. In -n-out burger !

  32. “Professionals” only dumbasses to walk around at 4:30am love it! Lol. Glad
    you enjoyed yourself

  33. Good stuff. I like walking around all those same areas. I felt like I was
    there. I’m surprised I didn’t see any “porno slappers” there even at that
    hour. They’re relentless.

  34. Thanks for the nice lpcpr updates and whatnot.

  35. Next time look for an IN N OUT burger you’ll love it! On another note 3
    AM!!! Well it is Vegas I’ve been up at 3AM in Vegas but usually to throw

  36. Awesome updates and whatnot

  37. Tommy’s Burger,InNOut.

  38. Thanks for the opinion feel free to not watch 🙂

  39. Iowa!!!!

  40. You’re actually thinner than I thought you might be.. I think the camera
    puts 20 lbs on you!

  41. Good videos.

  42. geez man you look jacked ha

  43. Mr. Potato Head?

  44. camera adds ten pounds….to your head…

  45. Thanks for posting the series

  46. How tall are you?

  47. Great video mon ami, I enjoyed your whole IPCPR series- almost felt like I
    was there!

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