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Rattray’s Old Gowrie Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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What do I think of Rattray’s Old Gowrie Pipe Tobacco


  1. I love their Black Mallory but haven't opened the Old Gowrie yet (or any of the 5 other Rattray blends I have piled up). Although, I do have 2 new Meers that are still virgin….

  2. Hey Liner, Rattrays do some fantastic blends, forget that C&D shit, Rattrays is the way to go. How about reviewing some Solani Tade, I've tried some pretty good blends from them. By the way, where have you been I've missed your vids man. Please keep em coming

  3. Love my meerschaum pipes. Been smoking them 90% of the time over the last year. Can't go wrong with a meerschaum. I've yet to try this blend along with all the Rattray's blends except Marlin Flake and Red Rapparee.

  4. your such a MEERkat. im diggin that pipe buddy. hope your well. keep at smoke a rollin

  5. Meershaum makes everything better.  Tobacco, pork 'n beans, singer/songwriters from the 70's, sex, water color paintings, jumping jacks, air travel, nut jobs, shoe polishing, whatever – take your pick.

  6. Thanks for the info. I'm a dark fired fan so Clooney it is!!

  7. What about marlin flake?! Meers are definitely the best smoking pipes.

  8. Excellent review Liner. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot man. So good to see you back. You ´re one of my favorites reviewers. Have a nice week.

  9. "Yummy". Well, I'm sold! Time to order a palette.

  10. Meer? You just found out that meer is good for VaPers? Well sheesh Tade… if you'd tune into  my quick reviews, you'd find that my reviews are The Most Dubious reviews on the interwebs today and you'd find out that corn cobs are just dried out vegetables and other such nuggets of wisdom. A quality presentation. The organ music was a nice touch!

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