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Ramon Allones Cuban Cigar Review | LeeMack912 Cigar Reviews

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Ramon Allones Club Allones Edition Limitada 2015 was released as a limited edition by Habanos S.A. Not cheap but this oily maduro is a special cigar. LeeMack912 Cigar reviews.

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  1. I have found that I dont care for Cuban smokes. I think I am a victim of the over hype. I expected the heavens to open up and god himself to come down. none of that happened. This one is decent however.
    Good review Lee thanks.

  2. I'm very curious about that Cuban and Nicaraguan blend.

  3. What's going on brother. I never get so smoke Cubans cause I can't find anyone who has a supply or wants to trade. I've only got to smoke one when I was younger in the Bahamas. Wish I knew where to get my hands on some without having to travel out of country. Hope your having a great day.

  4. These are imho a very good Cuban cigar. Cubans to me aren’t as good as in the past. But these are good.

  5. Smoking a Ramon Allones myself as I watch this. Not a LE though. Specialty Selected. Those Vegueros are good morning smokes. You might be a little disappointed if you smoke them in the evening wanting something with a kick.

  6. All good here now we have power back here in SWFL.

  7. Did you say 69 degrees? DAYUM! Must be nice, man.

    Great review, brother!

  8. 69 ° damn I'll kill for that weather right now lol stay good brother

  9. Right on LeeMack912 appreciate the shout out just got done showing the family I got to say you put a smile on all our faces today thank you Lee Mack 912 and yes today is a great day God bless

  10. I think your key word or magic word of your mobile ashtray is “Great day” so I get it 😂😂 lovely review Lee! I want to try this one ASAP 😁

    I’m enjoying the Balmoral Royal selection reserva at the moment I wrote this. Love it. Prise wise €9 so I’ll gues $11?

    Good vibes Lee! Greetings from your brother from another mother in The Netherlands✌️

  11. I'm glad you reviewed this, I think I'm going to try this and the RASS

  12. Hey Family! Great review! Do you think it’s better than the Cohiba Behike?

  13. How doing leemack912 another great video brother as always you never disappoint

  14. Looking good brother; you lost weight? Also, I love Black Cherry soda too from back in the day. Namaste

  15. Hey Mr. Leemack glad you enjoyed the cigar, i have yet to try that one, but its on my list to try, my dad use to say you never get to old to learn. My goal is to learn something new every day and i let no one rain on my parade. I have yet to receive my raffle tickets can you check in to that for me,? Thanks im having a great day, my real estate program is taking off that i told you about a fews months back im in the process of flipping my first house opportunity has been knocking on my door, You keep having great days we dont talk like we use to i miss that but i understand the family is growing , but im here brother…

  16. Love you Leemack912 God bless you and yours checking in on ya I sold that drew estate lot I had I got what I was asking lol . Money well spent keep staying positive bro . You are in my prayers.

  17. Glad ur enjoying that brother…I have yet to taste the Cuban life (besides atabey) but soon enough!! Ha ha and Family, thanks for the raffle tickets and sticker from the Irobusto squad!!!!🎩👌💨 MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT

  18. Brilliant cigar. I picked up a box a ways back and while they do good with age they are a great smoke in my humble opinion. Hope you are well Mr Mack.

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