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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Ramble With a Cigar

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Part one in a three part video; in which I smoke a Partagas Black Label Robusto Larga. My review, and some ramblings….

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  1. @interpolmo I don’t plan on going for the cigarettes. I hope you get off of
    them, the pipe is a good way to ease off of them. That cigar lasted about 2
    hours give or take a few minutes Thank you Cheers! -Robbie

  2. Good smokes and Good video.

  3. Hi Robbie good ramble. Do not go into cigs as i have for 30 years. I hate
    it and cannot give up, though my pipes are reducing the amount and in time
    i hope the pipe takes over completely. Going to try cigars in the future.
    Question – how long does a cigar that size last on average? Nice one Mark

  4. haha fail XD i thought a nail was gonna go in all the way lol.

  5. @cacrow I love The Doors as well, raised by my mother so i believe I have
    good taste in music…she actually has Jim Morrison tattooed on her
    shoulder -Robbie

  6. Hey, a Doors shirt. I love The Doors. Cheers, Crow

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